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3/5/2015: Magala Edmond, Haitian Language Coordinator for the Florida Conference, writes about her eye-opening experiences at the Voices leadership event.
3/4/2015: How can we embody Jesus’ charge to “Go and do likewise?"
3/2/2015: ¿Cómo ve la obra de Dios en su vida? A veces es en las opciones aparentemente más pequeñas.
3/2/2015: 여러분의 삶 속에서 이루어지는 하나님의 역사에 대해 어떻게 생각하십니까? 가끔은 사소한 선택인 것처럼 보이는 것에 역사하실 때도 있습니다. 저는 굵은 나무틀로 된 창이 있는 오래된 건물들 중에 하나였던 6학년 교실에 앉아 있던 때를 선명하게 기억합니다. 우리는 곧 고등학교 건물로 가서 7학년이 되고, 과목을 선택을 할 수 있는 기회를 갖게 될 때였습니다. 영어, 수학, 사회 반으로 나누는 과정이 있었으나, 우리는 배우고 싶은 외국어를 선택할 수도 있었습니다. 9학년에는 다양한 외국어들을 선택할 수 있었지만, 우리는 불어 아니면 스패니시 중에서 하나를 선택해야 했습니다. 그 당시, 미국의 교육 철학은 스패니시는 실용적인 것이고, 불어는 권위있는 것이라고 여겼습니다.
3/2/2015: On March 23, 1869, “a handful of women” came together in Boston to form the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church.
3/2/2015: What the Charter for Racial Justice means for us today.
3/2/2015: Stories connect us as human beings. Share why you are putting your faith, hope and love into action through United Methodist Women.
3/2/2015: Family stories of the Dutch Underground affirm the truth, peril and joy of following God’s call for United Methodist Women director Nichea Ver Veer Guy.
3/2/2015: How do you see the work of God in your life? Sometimes it is in seemingly small choices.
2/27/2015: New programs are being launched that no longer persecute the victims of human trafficking.
2/26/2015: What if the church were like Jehoshaphat’s army, leading with the transformative vision of art and song?
2/24/2015: United Methodist Women was invited to attend the fourth Roma Consultation in Cluj, Romania, and report on results and responses from the two-year mission study on the Roma people.
2/23/2015: A young woman reflects on her struggle to obtain sexual health information. This story is part of our series on women's sexual health.
2/19/2015: Joshua is a story of leadership. How have you worked to help build new leadership in your church, conference or unit from upcoming generations across lines of race and culture?
2/18/2015: United Methodist Women has invited delegates from around the globe to come to New York and bring the concerns of grassroots-organized women to the 59th Commission on the Status of Women.
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