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5/24/2016: As we reflect and begin to report on General Conference 2016, we’d like to share some of what happened at General Conference from our perspective on our own work.
5/19/2016: Action Alert: The freedom of the press, and women’s participation in it, are often a measure of the freedom of a nation’s people.
5/18/2016: United Methodist Women is sponsoring two free online webinars on women's incarceration and reproductive health in conjunction with the Faith Trust Institute.
5/16/2016: General Conference 2016 is filled with people impacted by the 150-year mission outreach of United Methodist Women.
5/16/2016: Twenty-six men and women were consecrated deaconesses and home missioners during worship on #umwday.
5/16/2016: What happens when there is no safe water supply? In some poor and marginalized communities contamination threatens everyday life.
5/15/2016: response editor Tara Barnes discusses how UMW’s rich history and promising future centers on putting faith, hope and love into action.
5/15/2016: Home missionary John Jessup Peterson talks about home missioners and deaconesses. The program provides an opportunity for lay people to answer God’s call into a wide-variety of mission and ministry opportunities.
5/15/2016: United Methodist Women members from across the Portland area  gathered at General Conference to mark their 150th anniversary with a day of  celebration, advocacy and recommitment to mission with women, children and  youth on May 16.
5/12/2016: United Methodist Women Day will include consecrating deaconesses and home missioners, a rally for clean water as a human right and celebration of our historical impact and the breadth of our current work.
5/12/2016: United Methodist Women catches up with Cameroonian seminary scholarship recipients made “famous” at General Conference 2012.
5/12/2016: United Methodist Women is asking friends and members in the Portland area to join our rally on #umwday on Monday, May 16, to demand safe water for all.
5/11/2016: Being a delegate at General Conference is hard work. Four United Methodist Women delegates share how they prepared for this important task.
5/11/2016: United Methodist Women Day is a day of worship and witness. It  starts at 8 a.m. on Monday, May 16! Join us in Portland or online.
5/10/2016: "We are glad to be praying people connected to praying people," said Harriett Olson on the General Conference prayer space. "God is making a difference between us. And with us, God is making a difference in the world."
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