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2/26/2015: What if the church were like Jehoshaphat’s army, leading with the transformative vision of art and song?
2/24/2015: United Methodist Women was invited to attend the fourth Roma Consultation in Cluj, Romania, and report on results and responses from the two-year mission study on the Roma people.
2/23/2015: A young woman reflects on her struggle to obtain sexual health information. This story is part of our series on women's sexual health.
2/19/2015: Joshua is a story of leadership. How have you worked to help build new leadership in your church, conference or unit from upcoming generations across lines of race and culture?
2/18/2015: United Methodist Women has invited delegates from around the globe to come to New York and bring the concerns of grassroots-organized women to the 59th Commission on the Status of Women.
2/15/2015: Each week this Lent we will explore individual and collective responses to racial injustice and what role we might play in ending systemic racism in our church and society.
2/12/2015: United Methodist Women is an active participant in this annual global gathering, and will offer free workshops at the Church Center for the United Nations.
2/6/2015: 연합감리교회 여선교회의 사역에는 많은 영역들이 있습니다. 우리는 그저 깊이 있게 서로를 알아가고, 우리의 생각을 넓히며, 리스판스 (response)를 읽고, 독서프로그램에 참여하고, 영적 성장을 위한 행동을 실천하면서 우리의 신학을 논하는 여성 단체가 되고 싶은 것만은 아닙니다. 우리는 이러한 것들과 더불어 배운대로 행동하는 사람들이 되고 싶은 것입니다. 하지만 그렇게 하려면 새로운 지식에 대한 위험 뿐만 아니라, 우리 자신의 행동과 양식을 평가하고 다르게 행동하는데 대한 위험이 수반되기 마련입니다.
2/6/2015: Many people living with disabilities refuse to be victims and work with other advocates to create new spaces for fuller participation in society.
2/6/2015: A mission partner in Pakistan reaches out to women to promote health, education and economic opportunities.
2/6/2015: Deaconess M. Garlinda Burton reports on grooming scholars in the Children’s Defense Fund’s Freedom School program.
2/6/2015: We don't just want to be a group of women who get to know one another in deep ways. We also want to be a group of people who act on what we learn. This involves the risk of examining our own actions and patterns and then acting differently.
2/6/2015: Nuestro proceso de aprendizaje nos ayuda a ver la realidad de una manera diferente y nuestro deseo de servir hace que estemos inclinadas a "actuar inmediatamente", pero lo que aprendemos nos ayuda también a escuchar y evaluar.
2/4/2015: Callers from across the country take part in a discussion on race, justice, and what the church can do next.
1/30/2015: Correction: Debbie Bessert was incorrectly identified as a nurse who overcame crack cocaine addiction after several life tragedies. The article should have stated that Debra Brothman is the former nurse who overcame addiction and is now a vital member of Rising Hope United Methodist Mission Church in Alexandria, Va.
response magazine
click to read corrected version of Rising Hope from response, February 2015.
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