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7/23/2014: The Batis Center for Women in the Philippines is celebrating its 25th anniversary of helping trafficked and exploited migrant workers when they return home.
7/11/2014: On their Ubuntu Journey, United Methodist Women members from the U.S. and Lithuania visited churches and memorials, baked bread together and shared a deep spiritual connection.
7/8/2014: A checklist to help you assess whether a candidate’s positions reflect your values.
7/7/2014: In towns along the Texas-Mexico border, buses are arriving daily, filled with women and child immigrants from Central America. Many children are travelling alone, and once these immigrants have been dropped off, they are left to fend for themselves.
7/2/2014: United Methodists and other Christians have been closely watching the Hobby Lobby case on contraceptive coverage. Some cheer the ruling; others worry about implications for women's reproductive health. Read more at umc.org.
6/30/2014: We have a great legacy, and every one of us is part of extending that legacy to those who come after us.
6/30/2014: Últimamente, hemos estado pensando mucho en los caminos que forjaron, los riesgos que tomaron y lo que lograron nuestras antecesoras.
6/30/2014: Like thousands before them, Assembly first-timers found the event to be a time of fellowship, learning and preparation for service.
6/30/2014: Scranton Women’s Leadership Center women reflect on Assembly.
6/26/2014: Pastor James Kaifunbah of the Buduburam refugee camp writes about what it means to be a Liberian refugee living in the camp, and the difference United Methodist Women support is making in young refugees' lives.
6/20/2014: As we headed into Assembly 2014, the United Methodist Women office had received over 6,700 prayer shawls and baby blankets, all sewn, knit and crocheted by our members.
6/18/2014: The first ever Ubuntu Journeys Sisters Reunion Luncheon was held at Assembly 2014.
6/17/2014: When Wanda Holcombe took part in the Ubuntu Journey to Lithuania in May 2014, she felt a connection with almost everyone she encountered.

General Secretary Harriett Olson urges the White House to stop detaining and deporting people solely based on immigration status and to provide provisional legal status.

6/11/2014: While there is no direct evidence that large sporting events cause human trafficking, they do encourage trafficking ...
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