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8/31/2014: Engaging in this work should help us identify with people who it would be easy to view as "other" and to ask the hard questions of “why?”
8/31/2014: El amor es la raíz tanto de la "caridad" como del trabajo por la justicia, y nuestros esfuerzos deben incluir ambos.
8/31/2014: Like many Liberian women today, Tomrah Topka has gone back to school. Every morning the 25-year-old settles into a high school classroom in Monrovia, the African nation’s capital, surrounded by much younger girls. But she’s not embarrassed.
8/31/2014: United Methodist Women-Supported Cornerstone Family Ministries Helps Families
8/31/2014: Your giving supports the work of United Methodist Women, improving lives for women and children locally, nationally and around the world.
8/31/2014: 전문가들은 인간은 동시에 여러가지 일을 할 수 없다고 말합니다. 전문가들은 우리가 회의나 대화에 집중하면서 문자나 이메일에 회신하는 것을 동시에 할 수 있다는 생각은 우리 스스로를 기만하는 것이라고 이야기합니다. 저는 가끔 우리가 주변 사람들의 필요를 충족시키기 위해 그리고 그러한 필요로 비롯된 제도를 개선하기 위해 노력할 때 우리도 이와 같은 경험을 한다고 느낍니다.
8/27/2014: United Methodist Women have joined United Methodist agencies and ecumenical partners to advocate for refugees at the southern border of the U.S. as well as reform for broken immigration policies.
8/26/2014: United Methodist Women supports immigrants’ rights and we affirm a vision of God’s beloved community in which nationalities and borders do not divide us and the human rights of every person are protected.
8/24/2014: United Methodist Women Mission Giving is supporting the formation of well-nourished societies throughout Nepal.
8/20/2014: United Methodist Women's Rev. Kathleen Stone is working with Rev. Pat Watkins (Board of Global Ministries) and John Hill (Board of Church and Society) to coordinate a denominational presence at the "largest climate march in history."
8/19/2014: At the 2014 Assembly, United Methodist Women staff and members worked to take their commitment to environmental and social sustainability to the next level.
8/17/2014: “Without a doubt, the most urgent challenge that we face right now is getting our economy to grow faster and to create more jobs” -- President Obama
8/16/2014: The world needs peacemakers. What are the disciples of Jesus Christ to do in this day and age?
8/16/2014: We need a development agenda which decreases inequality while increasing the quality of all people’s lives. A just and sustainable development plan for the earth and her people is critical for peace.
8/16/2014: We invite United Methodist Women members to join us as we explore the connection between peace and just development.
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