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10/11/2015: Now is the time for us to speak loudly and ask that our churches confront the legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery.
10/9/2015: Harriett Jane Olson, United Methodist Women chief executive officer, brought a message of hope in action when she addressed the board of directors at the semiannual meeting Oct. 3.
10/5/2015: On a day dedicated to the female youth of the world, nations will reflect on what issues still exist and what work must still be done for gender equality.
9/30/2015: The United Methodist Women-sponsored international delegation represented Japan, Korea, Philippines, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and Central and South America.
9/30/2015: “We have been working on immigrant rights for the past eight years, because we believe that all persons belong in God’s vision of a beloved community,” says Sung-ok Lee, United Methodist Women’s assistant general secretary for Christian social action.
9/30/2015: 최근에 저는 선교하는 여성들에 대한 우리의 활동 역사에 대해 탐독하고 있습니다그 이유 중 하나는 우리가 축하하고 있는 기념일들에 자극을 받았기 때문입니다; 우리는 올 해에 한국 선교 130 주년을 기념하고 있으며, 다가오는 2019 년에는 선교 150 주년을 기념할 것입니다.
9/30/2015: Nepal Mission executive Mark Galpin thanked staff members on September 29, 2015, for the work of United Methodist Women and the endowed funds of $100,000, given immediately after the disaster to support Nepal medical relief needs.
9/30/2015: Our commitment to justice impels us to speak out when we see people treated unfairly and to strategize to change hearts, minds and structures.
9/30/2015: Recientemente he estado leyendo atentamente la historia de nuestro movimiento de mujeres en misión.
9/29/2015: Take action and urge the Obama Administration to end family detention.
9/28/2015: “I feel better when I am here because I’m less angry,” one middle school boy recently told Amelia Gibbon, executive director of the Friendly Center in Toledo, Ohio.
9/22/2015: Read the international newsletter of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women.
9/16/2015: United Methodist Women in Mozambique holds workshop to improve the reproductive health of women and girls.
9/1/2015: Paul Jeffrey shares video of the women he met at Kabulasoke, Uganda. Women are learning to empower themselves and their families in all areas of their lives.
8/31/2015: Segunda de Tesalonicenses nos dice: "No os canséis de hacer el bien".
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