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10/28/2014: Directors approved a 2015 budget, heard reports and discussed initiatives to help future generations organize for mission.
10/27/2014: United Methodist Women in Kenema District and Regional Missionary Elmira Sellu are donating food items and other aid to communities who have been most affected by the disease.
10/20/2014: A United Methodist Women scholarship student learns to protect one of his country’s greatest natural resources.
10/16/2014: Children’s Sabbath is October 17 – 19. Join United Methodist Women Regional Missionaries and International Ministries’ staff in lifting up our prayers as we observe the 2014 Children’s Sabbath.
10/16/2014: Prevention and prayers are among the ways United Methodist Women can support the afflicted communities. 
10/15/2014: World Food Day is widely celebrated throughout the world, yet nearly 842 million people in the world are hungry. One of the most effective ways to fight worldwide hunger is to support family farmers.
10/13/2014: United Methodist Women directors gathered in New York City for their October 3-4 annual meeting.
10/12/2014: My quest for questioning injustices began during my school days in Rawalpindi when I and my dark-skinned classmates were discriminated against on the basis of our complexion.
10/6/2014: The Reading Program is an integral part of United Methodist Women, and the United Methodist Women of the Mid-State District of the Missouri Conference wanted to make sure that all of its members had access to books on the list.
10/6/2014: United Methodist Women is not considering relocation. We wish Global Ministries well in the proposed move to Atlanta.
10/3/2014: Many African nations fought hard battles to gain their independence from Britain, France and Belgium. But after half a century of freedom, how has the continent fared?
10/2/2014: Your UMW group, church & community can make a difference; educate and advocate about this often hidden plight.
10/1/2014: Beatrice Fofanah, national coordinator of Sierra Leone United Methodist Women, reports on the relief efforts spearheaded by The United Methodist Church in that country.
9/29/2014: 무엇이 훌륭한 파트너십을 만들까요? 
9/29/2014: What makes for a good partnership? Recently we've been thinking about what work we can do better together with partners.
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