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1/15/2015: The Coalition of Immokalee Workers and The Fresh Market announced their national partnership to support fair farm labor conditions and verifiable, worker-driven social responsibility in U.S. agriculture.
1/14/2015: About 180 participants took part in three Mission u studies, in a relaxed atmosphere that offered plenty of activities and resources.
1/14/2015: We find ourselves at a pivotal point in the struggle for racial justice. It is time for all people of faith to understand our roles in creating true equality and justice.
1/12/2015: United Methodist Women members gather for inspiration, information and fun at Mission u.
1/12/2015: Retired Missionary Jerri Savuto finds comfort and healing in handmade, love-made pillows.
1/9/2015: Despite the significant gains that have been made by women over the years, gender-based inequalities still plague our society in the 21st century.
1/6/2015: With the support of a scholarship from United Methodist Women, a young woman in Zimbabwe studies to help women become more independent.
1/5/2015: How can we represent God’s light and be part of the gathered?
1/1/2015: The Missouri Department of Correction’s restorative justice program helps incarcerated individuals pay their debts and restore their souls.
1/1/2015: Glory Dharmaraj talks about being in mission today and about her new book, A Theology of Mutuality.
1/1/2015: In 1924, Biloxi was the seafood capitol of the world. United Methodist Women began mission work through Moore Community House by serving children in migrant families who came to work in the seafood factories and lived in the factory-owned camps located in east Biloxi.
1/1/2015: In so many (often unspoken) ways United Methodist Women has been a source of strength for women, a place to grow and learn and to know their worth.
1/1/2015: Hace poco hablé con una líder de Mujeres Metodistas Unidas que está jubilada del Departamento de Inteligencia de la Armada de los Estados Unidos.
1/1/2015: 얼마 전에 저는 미군에서 정보요원으로 근무하다 은퇴한 연합감리교회 여선교회 지도자와 이야기를 나누었습니다. 그녀는 농촌의 작은 마을에서 자란 이야기를 했습니다. 
12/30/2014: Suggestions from United Methodist Women for ways to live a spiritual and meaningful life in the coming year.
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