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11/25/2015: As we approach the season of Advent, let us remember Jesus’ ministry of love and compassion by extending that same love and compassion to those living with HIV and AIDS.
11/23/2015: As a nation, as Christians, as human beings, we cannot be silent at this time. Our nation has a moral obligation to welcome Syrian refugees in numbers commensurate with the need, as well as others fleeing war.
11/23/2015: The federal minimum wage has been $7.25 an hour for the last eight years. Now Congress is deciding whether to raise it as cities and states start to adopt minimum wages closer to a living wage.
11/19/2015: Photojournalist Paul Jeffrey has heard many stories from refugees making their way through Europe but had never been to the place where many had started their arduous journeys. "This element of crossing the sea is an important part of the story. I wanted to go and document myself."
11/16/2015: A grant from United Methodist Women supports research and communications at the Washington Office on Latin America.
11/13/2015: Register now to join this special webinar for United Methodist Women members on December 3.
11/9/2015: When Joseph Briddock’s family found a handmade quilt among the tins of food in a CARE package delivered to their South London home, the only clue to its origin was a notation on the back: a gift from “the Methodist Ladies of New York.”
11/3/2015: United Methodist Women brought together Russian and Ukrainian women at the Church Center for the United Nations to talk about how to end the conflict between their two countries.
11/2/2015: On March 4, 2015, nine women from six different states traveled to Cambodia for a 10-day mission trip representing our United Methodist Women. Cambodia is nestled between Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and the Sea of Thailand.
11/2/2015: The United Methodist Church is getting ready for General Conference 2016. The contribution of United Methodist Women expresses the call of God with attention to the situation of women.
11/2/2015: La Iglesia Metodista Unida se está preparando para la Conferencia General de 2016. La Conferencia General es la única entidad que puede manifestarse por la Iglesia Metodista Unida.
11/2/2015: The General Conference of The United Methodist Church meets in May 2016 in Portland, Oregon. United Methodist Women will, and must, be there. 
11/2/2015: Wesley Education Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been providing quality child care to those in need for 95 years and counting.
11/2/2015: United Methodist Women and the Interfaith Center  on corporate responsibility work to ensure  that the most do not harm the least. 
11/2/2015: 연합감리교단은 2016년 총회를 위한 준비를 하고 있습니다. 총회(General Conference)는 연합감리교단을 공식적으로 대변할 수 있는 유일한 기관입니다. 감독, 목회자, 평신도, 사법위원회(Judicial Council)가 교회법을 해석하고 대응하지만, 교단을 대변하는 것은 총회입니다.
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Learn about General Conference 2016 and the petitions UMW will bring for adoption.
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