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4/21/2017: When four young women met at a United Methodist Women climate justice event in 2016, they decided to keep working together on the issue of clean water in America.
4/19/2017: "The work is both familiar and new," Ms. Salter said. "Working with United Methodist Women conference presidents and jurisdiction leadership teams is very familiar, while strategic planning is new and offers opportunities for moving United Methodist Women forward, building on 150 years of mission.
4/15/2017: On this Resurrection Sunday, we rejoice that Jesus overcame the grave, giving us access to the Throne of Grace.
4/14/2017: As we immerse ourselves in another Good Friday, Jesus’ voice resounds in our hearts, calling us to be part of the salvation of others.
4/13/2017: The Dulac Community Center serves Native Americans, the elderly and the marginalized in the Bayou Grand Caillou and southern Terrebonne Parish area of Louisiana. Dulac is a National Mission Institution.
4/13/2017: Maundy Thursday is about the commandment Jesus gave the Disciples to love one another. It is the commandment to be genuine, kind and intentional toward one another; to love others with the same kind of sacrificial love with which Jesus loves us.
4/12/2017: One award in the amount of $10,000 was granted to Cassandra Garcia, Kelly Schaefer, Kirsten Rumsey and Kayleigh Vickers for their project The Unthinkable Undrinkable: Exploring Clean Water and Access in the United States. A second award for $6,000 was granted to Kelsey Smith for her project Swedish Family Policy and Child Care Study.
4/12/2017: Join United Methodists on the eve of the national People's Climate March on the U.S. Capitol Mall for a Caretakers of God's Creation Conference, taking place on Friday, April 28, 2017 in Arlington, Virginia.
4/11/2017: More preventative work with children and families should lead to fewer at-risk children in "the system." This shift is expected to allow Epworth to serve even more children and families.
4/10/2017: Globally, over 5,000 children die each day due to dirty water or poor hygiene. In the U.S., water is at times unsafe and is getting more scarce. Read the Action Alert and find out what you can do.
4/7/2017: The powerless are given dignity in Jesus’ kingdom. This kind of reign isn’t about having bigger weapons, but about laying down our armor and fear for the sake of the common good.
4/6/2017: In 1930 Methodist woman Jessie Daniel Ames gathered a small group of daring women together in Atlanta, Georgia, to form the Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching.
4/3/2017: From the time when God spoke the world into being God has been reaching out to humans to invite us into wholeness, joy, community and justice.
4/3/2017: Desde el momento en que Dios quiso manifestarse al mundo, ha extendido su mano a los seres humanos para invitarnos a vivir en plenitud, alegría, comunidad y justicia.
4/3/2017: For Evy McDonald, writing this year’s spiritual growth study was a challenging journey of love.
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