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7/13/2017: Three United Methodist Women representatives testify at an EPA hearing against a postponement of regulations affecting natural gas and oil production.
7/12/2017: Deaconess Norma P. Dollaga is a co-founder of Rise Up for Life and for Rights, an ecumenical alliance that frames its work as "from vicitm to advocate" approach to redemption.
7/11/2017: Join United Methodist Women members across the country in telling the EPA to protect our children and our earth.

우리가 총감독회(Council of Bishops) 및 연회들과 함께 ‘앞으로 나아갈 길 위원회’(Commission on a Way Forward)’를 위해 기도하면서, 저는 왜 제가 연합감리교인인지에 대해 생각해 왔습니다.

6/30/2017: Members in Baton Rouge, La,. are engaged in ministries that serve multiple communities. They are led by Beverly Hammond and recently they honored her for her loving dedication.
6/30/2017: Julie Kuklinski met the "glue" that bonds East Biloxi when she helped rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. She was drawn back there to work with Moore Community House (a National Mission Institution) to head this program helping women be more self-sufficient.
6/30/2017: In 1952, Louise Oldshue, chair of the committee on Racial Practices, introduced the Charter for Racial Policies to the Women’s Division. The Charter for Racial Justice was born.
6/30/2017: The way the Spirit moves in human beings is more like poetry or dance than like logic or a geometric proof.
6/30/2017: La manera en que el Espíritu se mueve en los seres humanos se parece más a la poesía o a la danza que a la lógica o a la prueba geométrica. 
6/30/2017: For those unfamiliar with expansive language for God, it is language that explores less frequently cited references to God in the scripture.
6/30/2017: Vermont District United Methodist Women help support the work of Rutland County Women’s Network and Shelter.
6/30/2017: Through their work with the Bethlehem Center, United Methodist Women members in Charlotte and Western North Carolina are living into the United Methodist Women vision: faith, hope and love in action.
6/28/2017: The United Methodist Church for All People in Columbus, Ohio, serves as the front porch to the Kin-dom of God. The "Free Store" has launched a thriving faith community and development program for a diverse, inclusive population.
6/28/2017: A United Methodist Women-supported simulation lab uses life-sized mannequins to train caretakers, health workers and volunteers.
6/25/2017: United Methodist Women is pleased to announce the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign goal of $60 million. The fund will undergird United Methodist Women to carry forward our mission of service and advocacy with women, children and youth for the next 150 years.
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