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9/23/2017: This past spring, we asked what mattered to you this election. With both party conventions behind us, the questions you posed to the candidates now have answers.
9/27/2016: The United Methodist Board of Global Ministries celebrated with worship the rich history of Methodist mission work in New York on Sept. 27 as part of its final preparations to leave for Atlanta. 
9/22/2016: One of the organizations that United Methodist Women - and your Mission Giving - supports is MADRE.
9/8/2016: 섬기고, 기도하는 연합감리교회 여선교회로 인해 하나님께 감사드립니다! .
9/1/2016: New and returning members of the United Methodist Women Program Advisory Group gather in Houston for 2016-2020 organizational meeting.
9/1/2016: General Conference 2016 was an intense 12-day experience with some wonderful times of inspiration and celebration as well as some very painful experiences of fragmentation and stalemate.
9/1/2016: Con perdón de Charles Dickens, la Conferencia General de 2016 fue en muchos sentidos "el mejor tiempo y el peor tiempo."
9/1/2016: Now, as United Methodists we have one category of humanity. One that we declare to be “incompatible with Christian teaching.” 
9/1/2016: United Methodist Women members from across the Portland area gathered at General Conference to mark their 150th anniversary with a day of celebration and recommitment to mission with women, children and youth.
9/1/2016: From the translation booths to the plenary floor, General Conference is filled with people impacted by the 150-year mission outreach of United Methodist Women that’s being celebrated today.
8/30/2016: On any given night, nearly 565,000 people won’t have a place of their own to go home to. The most invisible population of them are families, women and girls.
8/29/2016: The World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women gather this week in Houston, Texas, for its 13th world assembly.
8/18/2016: All his life, Abdul Bundu Kamara had wanted to be a teacher. With the help of a grant from United Methodist Women, his dream will come true.
8/17/2016: The organization will hold an action against HB2 in January 2017 during its Leadership Development Days training in Charlotte, and will move the May 2017 training for its Mission u program study leaders from Charlotte to Jacksonville, Florida, in protest of the law.
8/15/2016: "I wanted to do something to make sure that all people had access to healthcare," Elders told CNN in 2005. Her medical studies began with a scholarship from United Methodist Women to attend Philander Smith College.
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