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11/26/2014: A seasonal devotion calling on us to pray, learn, mentor and transform.
11/25/2014: Progress in fighting the global HIV epidemic is hampered by gender-based violence and the criminalization of certain behaviors.
11/24/2014: President Obama announced broad changes to how the administration will enforce the nation’s immigration laws. While we welcome this important step on the journey to just immigration reform, we recognize that these actions are limited and leave out millions.
11/23/2014: The United Methodist General Board of Church & Society has a new downloadable four-week Advent Bible study that addresses the HIV pandemic and its relationship to other social concerns.
11/18/2014: What happens when a woman who is given away in marriage cannot conceive? A 25-year-old woman from Mozambique struggles to meet the expectations of having a family.
11/16/2014: More than 680 United Methodist college students and young adults gathered in Denver for Imagine What's NEXT, a vocational discernment event that challenged participants to live out the event theme 'Dream. Go. Do.'
11/11/2014: Thousands of immigrant children and families fleeing violence are held in detention. Join our call to action and ask your elected officials to take a stand against family and child detention.
10/31/2014: En algún momento de este verano pasado empecé a recibir información del banco que emite mi tarjeta de crédito sobre un cambio que se avecinaba. Algunas características de la tarjeta están siendo eliminadas por seguridad y algunas serán añadidas. Producirán nuevas tarjetas con nuevos números y todos los pagos y conexiones establecidas con la vieja tarjeta tendrán que ser actualizados.
10/31/2014: In the case of our lives, we want to lose weight, or get more sleep or keep up our relationships with family—but we want to do these things by following the same daily, weekly and annual routines that don’t support the results we seek.
10/31/2014: 저는 제 신용카드를 발급해준 은행으로부터 앞으로 변화될 내용에 대한 정보를 지난 여름 언젠가부터 받기 시작했습니다. 

10/31/2014: Helping women, children and families in this community has been the mission of the Neighborhood Center of Camden, New Jersey, a national mission institution for 101 years.
10/31/2014: What does it mean to “belong” in today’s 21st century context? What does United Methodist Women offer that women don’t get elsewhere? What attracts women to, or  blocks some from joining United Methodist Women?
10/31/2014: “There are so many things about the environment that need our attention: bees, plastics, climate change, water. I’m concerned about all of these things, and it can be hard to narrow it down and decide how to engage.” 
10/28/2014: Directors approved a 2015 budget, heard reports and discussed initiatives to help future generations organize for mission.
10/27/2014: United Methodist Women in Kenema District and Regional Missionary Elmira Sellu are donating food items and other aid to communities who have been most affected by the disease.
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