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2/13/2017: Lois Dauway was a tireless advocate for social justice. Known for "meddlin'" in order to effect change, she inspired, mentored and nurtured countless staff and members of United Methodist Women.
2/10/2017: Updates to the responsibilities by role excerpted from the 2017-2020 United Methodist Women Handbook. 
2/8/2017: 1950 년대부터 연합감리교회 여선교회는 인종 정의 헌장에 대한 견해를 지지해 왔습니다. 헌장은 1980 년 연합감리교회 여선교회에 의해 채택되었습니다.
2/8/2017: In Santiago, International Child Care focuses on inclusion of peoples with disabilities and works directly with children and adolescents and their families as well as with the schools and communities.
2/7/2017: If systemic racism and white supremacy are to end, we must commit ourselves as people of God to make sure that justice rolls down like waters, powerfully and unceasingly.
2/7/2017: Desde la década de 1950 (mil novecientos cincuenta), Mujeres Metodistas Unidas han afirmado las diferentes versiones del Código de Justicia Racial.
2/7/2017: In July 2015, Sandra Bland, 28, was brought into custody after being pulled over in Prairie View, Texas. Camera footage showed Bland refusing, within her rights, to leave her car and being forcibly removed and arrested.
2/7/2017: It is critical that we renounce the fear of the “other” that allows weapons manufacturers, private prison operators and politicians to manipulate us for their own gain.
2/1/2017: More than 100 years ago, Estelle Haskins and Sallie Sawyer merged their services to start a kindergarten, well-baby clinic, sewing circle and recreation programs.
2/1/2017: The 2017-2020 Handbook is available as a PDF download and will soon be available in print from the e-store.
1/31/2017: HB2 disallows cities from raising minimum wage above the state minimum, restricts family leave, working conditions, child welfare protections and the means by which North Carolinians can pursue claims of discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, biological sex or disability in state courts.
1/25/2017: CEO Harriett Olson joined with interfaith leaders to oppose a proposed U.S. ban on refugees and immigrants based on their national origin or religion; this effort was initiated by Church World Service, Interfaith Immigration Coalition, The UMC's Immigration Task Force, the General Board of Church & Society.
1/24/2017: United Methodist Women has long called for sound and rigorous stewardship of the earth and environmentally responsible lifestyles and policies that preserve creation for the benefit of present and future generations. We are deeply concerned about Scott Pruitt's record. 
1/23/2017: The Texas Annual Conference is inviting churches into a year-long campaign to raise awareness, raise funds and take action to fight this pervasive modern-day form of slavery.
1/20/2017: The church plays an important role in the many aspects of ending human trafficking. Churchgoers are encouraged to "go out, be willing to help, be willing to speak up." 
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