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6/16/2017: The death of a neonatal nurse in the hospital where she worked illustrates a profound disparity: The health care system in the US focuses on babies but often ignores their mothers.
6/16/2017: If you know someone who died or nearly died in childbirth, your story may shed light on an alarming trend. Share the story at
6/14/2017: Aside from improving womens' and families' lives, reports show that, 'For every dollar invested in contraception, the cost of pregnancy-related care is reduced by $1.47.'
6/13/2017: The Senate seems poised to speed up action on the American Health Care Act devised by House Republicans. Please contact your Senators today, regardless of political party. Don't Let It Pass!
6/13/2017: United Methodist Women is currently organizing the third round of the Women’s Peace Dialogue, to be held in late June in Austria. The event will bring together women leaders from 15 Eastern European and Central Asian countries to work on issues of peace and conflict.
6/12/2017: 67% of shareholders approved Wespath Investment Management's resolution asking oil and gas companies for greater transparency on their preparation for a low-carbon future. Wespath manages United Methodist Women's endowment funds and investments.
6/7/2017: On United Methodist Women's third annual Day of Giving, members honored and celebrated a 150-year legacy with gifts to endow future women in mission.
6/6/2017: Established by the Women’s Society of Christian Services, NRCC has been building character, exploring talents and developing leaders since 1909.
6/6/2017: The Woman's Missionary Society of the Louisville Conference founded the Louisville Settlement Home in April 1903 and soon began serving the community under the direction of a Methodist deaconess, Miss Ogilvie.
6/6/2017: Methodist Deaconesses helped found the Bidwell Riverside Center in Des Moines in 1893 to serve with the poor in the spirit of unconditional love. The heritage of this "NMI"is rich with tradition and community togetherness.
6/6/2017: The program that began in a small cottage in the early 1900s and grew under Deaconess Carrie Johnson was named for the woman who raised the funds to expand the facilities and outreach in 1940.
6/6/2017: In 1899 the Women's Home Missionary Society reached out to Japanese and Korean immigrant women in Waipahu, Oahu, to hold English and sewing classes. As needs changed, the flexible SWCC emerged as a multi‐purpose agency, evolving still today.
6/6/2017: Deaconess Addie Greeley started a children's program with and Miss Lizzie Evans in 1924. This ministry grew with more women addressing wider needs and in 1935 — during the depression! — they raised $10,000 to operate an outreach facility.
6/6/2017: The Power of BOLD! Deaconess Mary DeBardeleben rented an abandoned beer saloon to house the first social settlement for Blacks in Augusta in 1912. Click the "Founded" link on the lower right of their Facebook page to read more.
6/6/2017: In 1892, when segregation meant schools were closed to many immigrant children, Rosa Valdez established a small school and Eliza Wolff enlisted the Women's Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church South to fund a similar program. Cornerstone Family Ministries evolved from their bold outreach.
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