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5/16/2017: After taking office, President Trump signed executive orders on border security, interior enforcement and refugees, which attempt to follow through on some of his controversial campaign pledges.
5/15/2017: On April 28, Bishop C. Joseph Sprague gave a  sermon of hope at the United Methodist Caretakers of God’s Creation Conference.
5/15/2017: Judge Joseph and Mary Cunningham deeded their home to the women of the Methodist Episcopal Church, now United Methodist Women, in 1895. Over the years, many things have changed, but our vision—to see every child thrive—has remained constant because of the leadership of UMW.
5/10/2017: United Methodist Women co-facilitated, with the General Board of Church and Society, a three-day maternal health advocacy training, April 19 – 21, in Washington, D.C.
5/2/2017: One challenge about unity without uniformity is that what seems essential to unity for me may look like enforcement of uniformity to you.
5/2/2017: 우리보다 앞서 가시는 하나님께 감사를 드립니다. 따를 수 있는 힘과 지혜와 겸손함을 우리가 갖게 되기를 바랍니다. 
5/2/2017: Members from the two conferences have many things in common: support missions, love people, love justice, love action.
5/2/2017: I am a United Methodist Women member in the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference of The United Methodist Church. My St. Paul-Talihina unit ministers to the needs of national and international women, children and youth. 
5/2/2017: Twenty years ago, Esquivel lived in the United States, where her daughter was born. But she was there without papers, and one day she was caught and deported. 
5/2/2017: La participación en una comunidad requiere unión, conexión y relación. También requiere que la comunidad incluya espacio para reconocer necesidades diferentes, intereses diferentes y culturas diferentes, y crear espacios con bienestar y comodidad.
5/1/2017: In 1885, Mary F. Scranton became the first woman missionary sent to Korea by the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society. Ewha University, Ewha High School and the Scranton Women’s Center for Leadership Development are legacies of her work.
4/27/2017: A workshop in Washington prepares advocates to work for maternal health improvements on local and federal levels.
4/21/2017: When four young women met at a United Methodist Women climate justice event in 2016, they decided to keep working together on the issue of clean water in America.
4/21/2017: General Secretary and CEO Harriett Jane Olson addressed the United Methodist Women Program Advisory Group March 3 at Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville, Tennessee. She shared with the group the national staff's work on strategic planning.
4/19/2017: "The work is both familiar and new," Ms. Salter said. "Working with United Methodist Women conference presidents and jurisdiction leadership teams is very familiar, while strategic planning is new and offers opportunities for moving United Methodist Women forward, building on 150 years of mission.
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