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2/7/2016: Dorothy Ravenhorst remembers when public schools were desegregated, and when her conference fought to adopt the Charter for Racial Justice.
2/5/2016: The Voting Rights Act is in peril. Download our Voters Rights Toolkit and find out what you can do.
2/3/2016: This is an opportunity for United Methodist Women members to ground ourselves in our analysis and our faith and move toward concrete action that can result in changed actions and outcomes.
2/3/2016: Esta es una oportunidad para la membresía de Mujeres Metodistas Unidas de arraigarnos en nuestras observaciones y en nuestra fe, y de avanzar con acciones concretas que puedan dar lugar a medidas que produzcan cambios y resultados.
2/3/2016: United Methodist Women has a unique and important place at General Conference and in the church and world.
2/3/2016: One meaning of being white is that we are granted unearned privileges and structural power simply by reason of our race. White people have a critically important role to play in the work of racial justice.
2/2/2016: United Methodist Women groups are employing an “Umbrella Defense” during this year’s Super Bowl as a means to take a stand against and raise awareness of human trafficking. Read the story on
1/29/2016: Author Denise Johnson Stovall, a longtime response contributor and communicator in The United Methodist Church, died Jan. 19 in Dallas, Texas.
1/19/2016: Prisoners in Sierra Leone have received Christ, been baptized and even been released thanks to a thriving prison ministry founded by United Methodist Women regional missionaries.
1/15/2016: It has been more than 600 days since 276 Nigerian schoolgirls from Chibok were kidnapped. To bring back the girls, the international community must continue to apply pressure on their own and the region's governments.
1/15/2016: Deaconess and Civil Rights activist Clara Ester looks back on her work during the Civil Rights Movement and her encounter with Martin Luther King, Jr.
1/14/2016: Days for Girls' hygiene kits have a big impact on girls' and women's lives, allowing them to get an education and break the cycle of poverty.
1/6/2016: United Methodist Women members and groups are getting ready for the second annual Day of Giving on March 23, 2016, part of the organization’s five-year 150th anniversary celebration.
1/5/2016: 우리는 우리의 삶에 중요한 영향을 미친 여성들, 우리가 성장하고 변화하게 도와준 여성들, 우리가 어떻게 살아가고 인도해야 하는지의 본보기가 된 여성들을 말할 수 있습니다. 
1/5/2016: Throughout United Methodist Women we are providing and developing leadership. Leadership is vitally important to our ability to engage in God’s mission in the world. 
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Learn about General Conference 2016 and the petitions UMW will bring for adoption.
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