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7/27/2015: The California District Court’s decision rules that the U.S. administration’s family detention program violates parts of the Flores agreement, and that families should be released as quickly as possible.
7/27/2015: United Methodist Women’s position on family detention and the causes of migration from Latin America and Mexico.
7/17/2015: Micro-loans from United Methodist Women in the Côte d’Ivoire Conference help local women start their own businesses.
7/15/2015: Women from around the country will come to Chicago from July 29 to August 2 to prepare for bold, faith-based justice action the quadrennial United Methodist Women National Seminar.
7/15/2015: More than 200 women from across the country will explore faith-based responses to critical justice issues at United Methodist Women's National Seminar in Chicago, July 29- Aug. 2, 2015.
7/15/2015: The lack of adequate healthcare has tragic consequences for a mother and her unborn child in rural Haiti.
6/25/2015: We affirm that God is at work now, just as God has been at work in the past. God is at work in me and in us and in the great movements that are shaping the world.
6/25/2015: ¿Has notado que a veces encorvas tus hombros cuando estás tensa o en una habitación fría o incluso cuando caminas afuera y hace frío? 
6/25/2015: A United Methodist Women scholarship recipient works to bring light to and shed light on his home country of Italy.
6/25/2015: God created me and all human beings for a life of happiness. As a Christian, I know I can be happy in Christ beyond life’s circumstances.
6/25/2015: Wesley Community Center in Phoenix, Arizona, helps its community thrive.
6/25/2015: 가끔 긴장을 할 때, 혹은 추운 방에 있거나 추운 날 밖을 걸어다닐 때 어깨를 움츠리게 되는 것을 느껴본 적이 있습니까? 
6/23/2015: United Methodist Women is relaunching the Theressa Hoover Award. We are accepting applications through November, 2015.
6/19/2015: Open our eyes so that we see the things that make for peace: justice and mercy and love.
6/19/2015: This year’s World Refugee Day highlights the growing problem of displacement and political turmoil in the modern world as the numbers of asylum seekers and refugees continues to steadily climb.
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