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1/18/2017: Ms. Smith's outstanding work with UCLA students, faculty, and staff, and the greater LA community will be honored at a 1/19 ceremony.
1/13/2017: United Methodist Women member Diane Johnson recounts growing up in the civil rights era and calls for unity with today’s activists.
1/12/2017: ¿Alguna vez han contando la misma historia varias veces en un día o en una semana a diferentes personas, simplemente porque la han encontrado muy poderosa o que les llegó al corazón y permanece en “la punta de la lengua” por un tiempo?
1/12/2017: What we sometimes miss, in our yearning to do more, is that we have an inspiring present as well. Many of us, together, are doing things we never dreamed possible. 
1/12/2017: With classes today on everything from sewing to shoemaking to small business management, education remains the key to making change.
1/11/2017: Fifteen young women recently learned about a unique way to give women and girls back their dignity.
1/9/2017: Join United Methodists around the country at house/church parties for fellowship, food and discussions about how to RECLAIM THE COMMON GOOD on Friday, Jan. 20. 
1/6/2017: The many traditions of Epiphany reveal some important lessons about following Jesus the Christ on a shrinking earth and in a nation that’s increasingly diverse.
1/4/2017: Courageous Methodist women, such as Anna Howard Shaw and Frances Willard, were leaders in the struggles for women’s suffrage and worker rights.
12/25/2016: Sometimes the Advent to Christmas journey feels like we are racing toward the manger. 
12/24/2016: As Jonah, Matthias, Mary and Joseph asked themselves, “Who? Me?” we also ask “Who? Me?” when we are afraid of the unknown or unsure of ourselves.
12/23/2016: All who trust in Christ receive the same blessing as Abraham.
12/22/2016: As the prophet Isaiah sees a future of God's perfect love, we ought to reflect on what the prophet actually means.
12/21/2016: Who are you in this story?
12/20/2016: Even those who do not know Jesus celebrate Christmas. 
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