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9/29/2014: What makes for a good partnership? Recently we've been thinking about what work we can do better together with partners.
9/29/2014: ¿Qué es un buen compañerismo solidario? Escuchamos historias sobre organizaciones que se unen para fortalecer su trabajo y también vemos sociedades que se unen y que no funcionan, con socias y socios estresados y con expectativas no cumplidas. Recientemente, hemos estado pensando en cómo podemos mejorar el trabajo que realizamos en compañerismo solidario.
9/29/2014: With the help of a scholarship from United Methodist Women, Princess Zarla J. Raguindin can be a voice for the silenced in the Philippines.
9/29/2014: United Methodist Women members’ mission giving supports education for stigmatized children in the Philippines.
9/29/2014: Retreats help build healthy spiritual lives and are a necessary part of putting our faith, hope and love into action.
9/29/2014: 무엇이 훌륭한 파트너십을 만들까요? 우리는 사역을 강화하기 위해 단체들이 협력하는 것에 대한 이야기들을 듣기도 하고, 합병 및 파트너로 인한 스트레스와 충족되지 않은 기대들을 하나하나 풀어나가는 것을 보기도 합니다. 최근에 우리는 파트너들과 함께 더 잘할 수 있는 사역들에 대해 생각하고 있습니다.
9/24/2014: With the support of a United Methodist Women scholarship, a medical student is able to finish her studies and help improve maternal health in Honduras.
9/19/2014: Supporters of David & Margaret Youth and Family Services dressed up in superhero-themed outfits for the first Annual Superheroes Walk honoring the agency’s foster parents and children.
9/11/2014: United Methodist Women helps fund the training of Traditional Birth Attendants in Haiti who deliver babies safely when mothers can’t make it to a hospital.
9/11/2014: As followers of Christ, we are called to seek justice, particularly in times of crisis. The killing of Michael Brown in St. Louis, Missouri, left many feeling confused, dismayed and heartbroken.
9/8/2014: We recently received a letter describing the hardships that women and children especially are enduring during the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone. Please remember those who are suffering in your prayers. 
9/5/2014: Poverty in the United States is a growing problem with very real consequences for American citizens and families.
9/3/2014: The Mozambique Women’s Desk of The United Methodist Church is organizing a workshop on awareness and prevention of fistula in partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded Maternal and Child Health Integrated Program (MCHIP) in the country. 
8/31/2014: Engaging in this work should help us identify with people who it would be easy to view as "other" and to ask the hard questions of “why?”
8/31/2014: El amor es la raíz tanto de la "caridad" como del trabajo por la justicia, y nuestros esfuerzos deben incluir ambos.
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