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8/30/2020: The work of racial justice has been part of the work of United Methodist Women and our predecessor organizations for almost 150 years.
9/1/2015: Paul Jeffrey shares video of the women he met at Kabulasoke, Uganda. Women are learning to empower themselves and their families in all areas of their lives.
8/31/2015: Segunda de Tesalonicenses nos dice: "No os canséis de hacer el bien".
8/31/2015: Now your favorite magazine has a digital companion. Read response on your tablet, phone or computer as well as in print. To celebrate, we're offering the September issue for free!
8/31/2015: This year’s Ecumenical Advocacy Days was a response to a groundswell from the faith community to reprioritize the country from a society that “locks ’em up and throws away the key” to a society that resolves conflict and crime with an awareness of our shared humanity.
8/30/2015: In Kabulasoke, a women’s group has used funds from United Methodist Women’s A Call to Prayer and Self-Denial offering to buy seeds and agricultural tools, learn better composting techniques and grow varieties of vegetables that offer better nutrition for their families.
8/30/2015: The loss of lives in South Carolina causes grief,  but not surprise, in a country in desperate need of honest reflection and changed systems.
8/30/2015: 데살로니가후서 3:13은 “선한 일을 하다가 낙심하지 마십시오.” 라고 말하고 있습니다.
8/21/2015: The Voting Rights Act's biggest challenge is now before Congress. Its outcome will determine who will be able to vote in not only the upcoming 2016 presidential election, but also every election in the United States’ future.
8/15/2015: United Methodist Women is recognized for the publication of its mission study The Church and People with Disabilities.
8/12/2015: In a move that adapts to a changing mission context, United Methodist Women board of directors has voted to authorize the sale of Alma Mathews House, a guesthouse in New York City's Greenwich Village for United Methodist Church agencies and other nonprofits.
8/5/2015: A United Methodist Women partner organization is featured in a CNN documentary on child trafficking in the U.S.
8/5/2015: International Ministries announces a new Regional Missionary for Leadership Development in Latin America, as of August 1, 2015.
8/1/2015: United Methodist Women are organized - and READY - for action. A transformational education experience spurred spontaneous social action  at National Seminar in Chicago.
8/1/2015: In worship, workshops, site visits and actions across the city, about 200 United Methodist Women members put feet on their prayers at “Interrupting Injustice: Jesus, Justice and Joy.” We focused training on climate justice, economic injustice, mass incarceration, and maternal and child health.
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