Support our programs: Help fund United Methodist Women's service and advocacy work through Mission Giving. These gifts will be used where the need is most urgent and to further our commitment of faith, hope, love in action.
Give to International Programs
Join our members in support of projects and organizations around the world.
Give to National Programs
The National Mission Instution program supports community centers, schools, colleges, health care facilities and women's residences across the U.S. 
Fund Call to Prayer Grants
Each year this offering fund has a different focus. The 2014 Call to Prayer will help pay for mission-related building improvements.
Fund Brighter Future Grants
In 2013, Brighter Future Grants helped groups working against human trafficking. The focus shifts annually if needed.
Give to the Legacy Fund
Donations to this endowment fund help generate income that United Methodist Women can use to maintain our programs.
World Thank
Join United Methodist Women in gratitude for your blessings. Your gifts become blessings of faith, hope, and love in action.
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