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Click HereRe-imagining Possibility:
Rev. Boissière's 2014 reflection

Click HereRacial Justice Page:
Resources for Advocacy and Education

Click HereBecause We Believe:
A Wesleyan Response to Ferguson, Missouri

Click HereUnited Methodist Women Calls for Justice in Ferguson, New York, Cleveland and Beyond: Recommitment to End Systemic Racism

Click HereFor Such A Time As This: Anti-Racism Bible study inspired by the Book of Esther

Click HereHearing God's Call to Love, Not Hate: Bible study based on Luke 10:25-34; 36-3. Jesus taught: Love God, Love neighbor....Go do it.

More United Methodist Resources:

Link opens in a new window.Movie ‘Selma’ Sparks Reflections on Church, Racism,  on umc.org

Link opens in a new window.Turning Racial Nightmares into Dreams,  on umc.org

Link opens in a new window.General Board of Discipleship Resources: Sermons, articles and links on gbod.org

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