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2/23/2018: Love transforms those who are interested. Love is the child of humanity, humility and divinity. Read our reflection for the Second Sunday in Lent.
2/23/2018: United Methodist Women mourns recent school murders in Florida and commends student activists, while warning against militarization of the nation's schools.
2/17/2018: God’s covenant is everlasting. When I think of the magnitude of that type of promise and commitment, I am humbled. I honor God and this covenant during Lent.
2/13/2018: As we begin Lent, many of us are taking time to reflect on our sins, and allowing our hearts to be changed by God.
2/9/2018: As we look back over the history of mission service of United Methodist Women and its predecessors, we can see periods of great change.
2/9/2018: 연합감리교회 여선교회와 그 선조들의 선교활동 역사를 되돌아 보면, 큰 변화의 시기를 볼 수 있습니다.
2/9/2018: Each year thousands of Christians visit the Holy Land on pilgrimage. It is a deeply spiritual experience for each pilgrim. Yet when we embark on such personal pilgrimage, how do we respond to the context of prolonged injustice and violence that crushes the people of the holy land today?
2/9/2018: The mission maps featured in this issue are a glimpse of how Mission Giving dollars are at work around the world supporting programs that improve life and help empower women, children and youth.
2/8/2018: Muchas oportunidades estaban conectadas al trabajo misional de la iglesia, pero con el enfoque en las mujeres, la niñez y la juventud, y el trabajo independiente ha preservado la autonomía de nuestra organización. Nuestra tradición de tener autosuficiencia financiera es una parte estratégica de este trabajo.
2/8/2018: After five decades of war, Colombians agreed in late 2016 to a peace treaty between the government and the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), whose combatants turned over the last of their weapons to the United Nations at the end of June. 
2/7/2018: United Methodist Women in Liberia reaches out to rural children with a new scholarship program approved at the group’s 71st annual session in Tappita, Liberia. The scholarship are for students attending United Methodist schools in rural parts of Liberia, especially high schools students.
2/5/2018: Calling herself “a Methodist woman in mission,” this incredibly accomplished public servant started schools, fought segragation, founded the National Council of Negro Women and much more.
2/2/2018: In the wake of women telling their stories of sexual harassment and abuse, we honor those who have spoken up and those for whom it is too painful or risky to speak.
1/31/2018: This Black History Month we take another look at the vast growth of mass incarceration and criminalization of communities of color - one of our main issue priorities for the next four years. 
1/30/2018: United Methodist Women of the Philippines and the U.S. strengthened their ties and strategized ways to address the needs of women, children and youth at a conference in Manilla.
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