Latest News and Resources

11/23/2020: As we gather around tables of thanksgiving, United Methodist Women celebrates National Farm Worker Ministry’s 50th anniversary and honors the struggles and victories of farmworkers.
11/20/2020: Missionary Emily Everett and the children of Shade and Fresh Water in Brazil thank United Methodist Women for their gifts of unending support. Meet some of the children whose lives have been changed by this amazing after school program.  
11/13/2020: With an emergency grant from United Methodist Women, women gather in the DRC to learn best practices to eliminate COVID-19. 
11/10/2020: United Methodist Women-sponsored training helps women in Cameroon advocate for gender justice.
11/10/2020: As the Navajo Nation was made even more vulnerable by the global health crisis, United Methodist Women members responded.
11/10/2020: During these difficult times, what traditions can we continue in a new way?
11/10/2020: 어린 시절, 할머니는 저에게 다음과 같이 기도하라고 가르치셨습니다.
11/10/2020: Cuando era niña, mi abuela me enseñó a orar: "Padre nuestro, danos corazones agradecidos por todas tus misericordias".
11/6/2020: Harriett Jane Olson invites you to join her in giving a spontaneous gift of gratitude. 
11/6/2020: United Methodist Women in Malawi give handwashing supplies to prevent the spread of the virus. 
11/3/2020: The World Student Christian Foundation Asia-Pacific Region helps young women become faith leaders.
11/2/2020: By voting, United Methodist Women can take action personally and collectively to support our democracy at this critical time.
11/2/2020: On the eve of this election, United Methodist Women joins with others throughout the country in a spirit of fervent prayer.
10/30/2020: Women learn to make hats, handbags, purses, casual footware, fans and jewelry in the Kissy neighborhood.
10/26/2020: The Office of Deaconess and Home Missioner organized and offered training to help deaconess and home missioners become more interculturally competent.