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12/7/2018: As we wait for Christmas day, let’s replace stress with peace, and worry with faith. Let us be witnesses that our Savior comes from the Creator of the universe and the Creator of our souls!
12/4/2018: The Vancouver District United Methodist Women offers ways to increase Reading Program participation.
12/4/2018: On the 50th anniversary of the original Poor People’s Campaign, the new campaign is committed to improving the lives of women, children and people with disabilities living in poverty.  
12/4/2018: Here are 10 reasons that can spark our thinking about the ways we might make a special year-end gift to United Methodist Women and how we witness to our faith through the ministries we support. 
12/4/2018: For decades, United Methodist Women has been reading as part of our commitment to learning about the world, deepening our spirituality and missional engagement, and hearing the voices of women who we might never meet any other way.
12/4/2018: Durante décadas, las Mujeres Metodistas Unidas han estado leyendo como parte de nuestro compromiso de aprender acerca del mundo, profundizar nuestra espiritualidad y compromiso misionero, y escuchar las voces de mujeres con las que no podríamos encontrarnos de otra manera.
12/3/2018: As AIDS treatments continue to improve, shifting demographics show that economic inequality and lack of education keep vulnerable women and children from prevention and care.
11/30/2018: As we enter this season of Advent, may we ask God to make our love increase and overflow for each other and for those outside our immediate circle.
11/16/2018: A delegation including United Methodist Women conferences travelled to Columbus, Ohio, and called on Wendy’s, the last holdout of the five major fast food companies, to sign a Fair Food Agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers.
11/7/2018: Survivors of domestic violence find healing and hope at the United Methodist Women-supported Navajo United Methodist Center.
11/7/2018: As United Methodist Women prepares to celebrate its 150th anniversary, we are building relationships with women and children across all kinds of differences and committing to the work of the fundraising and administration that makes mission possible.
11/7/2018: Mientras Mujeres Metodistas Unidas se prepara para celebrar su 150 (ciento cincuenta) aniversario, muchas de nosotras estamos conectándonos a historias de nuestras predecesoras y al impacto de su trabajo.
11/7/2018: About 9 years ago, as a student, I started crossing the border every day to go to school at Lydia Patterson Institute. Like many migrants, I was seeking refuge from the violence in my community.
11/7/2018: United Methodist Women member Cecelia Whitfield, founder of Use What You’ve Got Prison Ministry, offers a ride and support to families with loved ones in prison.
11/7/2018: United Methodist Women-supported shade and fresh water programs help Brazilian youth make positive life choices and become leaders.
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