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10/15/2018: Your vote has the power to move us closer to creating a world in which “…justice rolls down like water and righteousness as a mighty stream.” So, get out and vote!
10/12/2018: United Methodist Women's board of directors affirmed the organization’s strategic plan and adopted the 2019 budget during its annual meeting in New York City.
10/8/2018: Union membership is one of the greatest opportunities to make workplaces better for everyone, from first-line employees to the heads of management. 
10/8/2018: Membership in the 1869 Society is one way the national office of United Methodist Women honors and recognizes women who have made United Methodist Women the beneficiary of a planned gift.
10/8/2018: The Sunlit Sisters Center in South Korea provides a safe place  for aging sex workers of the Korean War.
10/8/2018: 저는 올 여름, 여성 참정권 100주년을 축하하는 기간에 영국에 있게 되어 매우 기뻤습니다.
10/8/2018: Este verano, me sentí muy contenta de estar en Inglaterra durante la celebración nacional del centenario del sufragio femenino. 
10/5/2018: As the 150th anniversary of United Methodist Women approaches, be sure to celebrate all the ways you’ve made life better for women, children and youth.
10/5/2018: While visiting exhibits about women’s suffrage I was reminded that one of the arguments for women’s right to vote was that women would view issues through their commitment to care for children and those in need.
10/1/2018: Together with her daugher, Elida Garcia de Falcón spent 26 years translating for the Woman’s Division of Christian Service. Read our October Legacy Story.
9/26/2018: Clergy and religious leaders walked into Ford Motor Company Headquarters to deliver a message of faith that calls on the company to publicly stand by national clean car standards.
9/24/2018: With an estimated 2.7 million pounds of carbon dioxide released into the air every second, air pollution is at a record high and is a growing public health issue. Take action to improve the air we breathe.
9/10/2018: “We’re more empowering now than ever before and being explicit about it, saying, ‘Go for it, you have the power !’”
9/10/2018: 2018년 어셈블리는 저에게 강렬한 경험이었습니다. 우리가 밀린 이야기들을 나누고, 배우고, 함께 예배를 드리면서 수많은 자매들과 (그리고 몇몇 형제들과) 포옹을 하고, 눈시울을 적시기도 하며, 인사를 나눈 것은 멋진 경험이었습니다.
9/10/2018: United Methodist Women General Secretary and CEO Harriett Jane Olson spoke about the power of relationships and about the need for women’s leadership today and into the future at Assembly 2018.
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