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12/13/2017: This downtown Chattanooga church will host speakers on first four Wednesday evenings of 2018. Local president Donna Palmer explains that young women really want to DO mission and social justice instead of just sitting in meetings and pews.
12/8/2017: At the start of Advent, we begin a season of waiting and contemplation, a time of personal reflection and, for some of us, a wrestling with what is to come.
12/8/2017: United Methodist Women all over the United States help organizations like Vashti Center to be special places for children and youth at Christmas.
12/8/2017: The early registration discount will be honored through December 31st and 550 more hotel rooms have been blocked. Join us!
12/7/2017: Thank you for putting faith, hope and love into action for the women, children and youth served by United Methodist Women!
12/6/2017: Grocery stores around the world are expanding their organic food aisles, and Zimbabwean farmers are stepping up to meet the demand — with United Methodist help.
12/6/2017: United Methodist Women scholarships helped Bishop Nhanala follow her call to ordained ministry and prepare for the leadership she is now providing to the church. 
12/5/2017: United Methodist deaconesses took part in an ecumenical gathering to address and call for an end to the vulnerability of women to violence. Learn about the Office of Deaconess & Home Missioner.
12/5/2017: 이번 크리스마스에는 세상에서 하나님이 하시는 사역을 볼 수 있도록 우리의 마음과 정신을 조율하고, 그 사역에서 우리 자신의 자리를 찾으며 예수님의 탄생을 기념하기를 바랍니다. 
12/5/2017: We can be alert to seek out God’s purposes, the way of love, the offer of repentance and reconciliation, the commitment to justice to which each of us is called.
12/5/2017: Esta Navidad, podemos celebrar el nacimiento de Jesús de tal manera que sintonicemos nuestros corazones y mentes para ver la obra de Dios en el mundo y encontrar nuestro propio lugar en esa obra. 
12/5/2017: Emma Norton Residence is a dorm-style building in St. Paul that includes single- and double-occupancy sleeping rooms and a variety of common areas. Residents receive group and individual support services. The goal is to provide them with a safe place to live and to walk alongside them on their journey to achieve stability and self-sufficiency. 
12/5/2017: Elizabeth Chun Hye Lee, United Methodist Women executive for economic and environmental justice, was joined by Jeanne Long, from Cincinnati, Ohio, and Daryl Junes Joe, from Shiprock, New Mexico, in speaking during a public hearing at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 
12/5/2017: Our Ubuntu sisters, who taught us “I am a woman; I am peace,” will always be in our hearts. 
12/1/2017: President Emmerson Mnangagwa is committed to reviving the economy. Regional Missionary Grace Musuka says, “That gives us hope for peace and national healing ...We all need to be proud to be Zimbabweans again."
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