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7/8/2020: United Methodist Women applauds yesterday’s federal court ruling effectively stopping the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, an oil route stretching from North Dakota to Illinois through Indigenous communities.
7/7/2020: Desde hace mucho tiempo, la membresía de Mujeres Metodistas Unidas ha conversado, aprendido y trabajado sobre las actitudes racistas y el racismo institucional.
7/7/2020: During this time of pandemic, we have seen and heard in excruciating ways that racism and the systems that support it are killing people of color all across our country. We must do more, and we must do it urgently.
7/7/2020: While Covid-19 has upended daily life worldwide, United Methodist Women and grassroots organizations have responded swiftly to mitigate the suffering of the most marginalized people in communities: the women, children and youth.
7/6/2020: United Community Centers in Fort Worth, Texas, gives children, youth and families the tools and encouragement to build brighter futures. 
7/6/2020: United Methodist Women hosts training on faith and climate justice for over 70 United Methodist Women attendees and partners from all over the United States.
7/6/2020: response interviews Trudy Rankin and Faye Wilson, authors of the 2020 United Methodist Women children and youth spiritual growth studies.
7/6/2020: 연합감리교회 여선교회 회원들은 오랫동안 인종차별주의적 태도와 제도적 인종차별을 해결하기 위해 이야기하고, 배우며, 노력해 왔습니다.
7/1/2020: In Mozambique, United Methodist Women’s Poultry Project helps women like Felizarda Joaquim run a successful poultry farm.
6/25/2020: Join special guest Tonja Honsey - mother, incarceration survivor, and leader of the Minnesota Prison Doula Project - for a webinar on women’s incarceration.
6/19/2020: Bishops of The United Methodist Church launch a multi-level effort to initiate a sustained and coordinated effort to dismantle racism and promote collective action to work toward racial justice. Learn more about this coordinated effort at Watch the video on YouTube.
6/18/2020: More than 100 women attended a series of online webinars co-organized by United Methodist Women to share the devastating impact of COVID-19 and learn from one another about seeking peace and security during this historic time.
6/17/2020: Along with leaders across the church, the General Secretaries of the boards and agencies of The United Methodist Church mark this moment as a time to recommit to urgent action to dismantle racism in the United States and in the church.
6/16/2020: United Methodist Women jurisdiction events have been cancelled for 2020. Visit the jurisdiction websites for information on electronic voting and to meet your nominees for election to the United Methodist Women board of directors 2020-2024.
6/11/2020: On June 20, join United Methodist Women in a virtual Poor People's assembly and moral march on Washington.