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10/17/2017: At its annual meeting, the United Methodist Women board adopted its budget, started a new hurricane relief fund and education grant, and pledged to continued its work of reconciliations with Native American peoples and LGBTQ communities.
10/17/2017: At 89, Priscilla Lebsack of Colorado leads her United Methodist Women group in making egg noodles and angel food cake for a craft fair that raises $6000 to $7000 for mission each year.
10/13/2017: PDF: Presidents are urged to complete the census which is due March 30, 2018.
10/12/2017: Our organization, the wider United Methodist Church, our country and much of the world are undergoing major changes. We are challenged to use this time as a spark in following God's call.
10/9/2017: I have found that climate justice has a more amplified purpose when it is rooted in faith. Climate justice is simply part of following God’s Word and therefore should be the way of life! 
10/9/2017: Our organization has always been engaged in both service and advocacy. 
10/9/2017: Nuestra organización siempre ha estado dedicada tanto al servicio como a la abogacía. 
10/9/2017: People of faith are called to protect the earth—and the people living on it.
10/9/2017: As you put money into your World Thank Offering container, remember Flory Atieno of Operation Hope and also remember the impact of the United Methodist Women regional missionaries like Elmria Sellu. 
10/9/2017: United Methodist Women members know the strength of group identity and the support it provides. They also know the importance of being in fellowship and building community.
10/8/2017: Deborah Williams recalls what Columbus Day meant to her growing up as a Native American girl. 
10/8/2017: It is imperative that we learn the other side of the story. The arrival of Columbus to the Americas marks the arrival of The Doctrine of Discovery. 
10/8/2017: Use this United Methodist Women-funded resource to explore how we can seek justice with our Native American sisters and brothers.
10/5/2017: This video for local, district and conference presidents will answer your questions about completing the 2017 Census form at
10/5/2017: Registration ends 10/6: Photos from past events illustrate the activities, connections and joy members experience at Leadership Development Days events. Join us!
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