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1/11/2018: There are different viewpoints about how The United Methodist Church should treat our LGBTQ members. We will be acknowledging the existence of different viewpoints and asking: How should we treat each other within the church in the face of this conflict? 
1/11/2018: Las diferencias de creencia y opinión acerca de cómo la Iglesia Metodista Unida debe incluir, ministrar y tratar a nuestros miembros  que son homosexuales, lesbianas, bisexuales, transgéneros o cuestionándose su género (HLBTC), han sido fuente de conflicto desde que por primera vez se incluyó el lenguaje que aborda la homosexualidad en el Libro de la Disciplina en 1972 (mil novecientos setenta y dos).
1/11/2018: Sandra Love, president of the Columbia District United Methodist Women and on the Killingsworth board, said she tries to help the residents as though they were members of her own family; after all, in Christ, they are. 
1/11/2018: “God had been speaking very clearly to me. God was ready for me to do God’s work,” McCallum said. “I felt very strongly God wanted me to be a bridge between church and the world.”
1/11/2018: 특별위원회 Way Forward는 2019년 총회에서 열릴 특별 회의에 보고 할 준비를 하면서, 대화에 참여해 왔습니다. 연합감리교회 여선교회인 우리도 지금부터 대화에 참여할 것입니다.
1/9/2018: Belle Harris Bennett had a strong sense of egalitarianism and social justice. In 1892 she founded the Scarritt Bible and Training School to equip Christians for mission, in conjunction with the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society.
1/8/2018: Twenty years ago, when United Methodist Women became involved in the issue, few people knew that slavery still existed in the world, not to mention the U.S. Today, human trafficking of persons for labor or the sex trade in the U.S. and abroad is a mainstream issue. Thanks to members' advocacy and awarenss campaigns, there are protectors and prosecutors in every state!
1/8/2018: Zero tolerance policies in schools makes students more likely to drop out and get entangled in the juvenile justice system. Trained personnel and restorative practices like after-school programs increase the chances of successful learning for all students. 
1/8/2018: Part 2 of the Officers, Schools and Institutional Racism Info Alert: A closer look at the Minnesota Student Survey examining trends in education.
1/5/2018: Maybe an epiphany is not some accident. Perhaps it is also the consequence of working in community with people who can show you a “more excellent way.”
12/29/2017: As we celebrate the coming of a new year, and a chance to start again, let us look at the wonders to come.
12/22/2017: How seriously do we take the birth of Jesus? Our Christmas reflection asks us to look anew at our life, and see if it hinders or helps the vision of mutual respect and welcoming the needy and hungry.
12/15/2017: May we find Jesus in this season of Advent.
12/13/2017: This downtown Chattanooga church will host speakers on first four Wednesday evenings of 2018. Local president Donna Palmer explains that young women really want to DO mission and social justice instead of just sitting in meetings and pews.
12/8/2017: At the start of Advent, we begin a season of waiting and contemplation, a time of personal reflection and, for some of us, a wrestling with what is to come.
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