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5/23/2018: More than 6,000 attendees celebrated United Methodist Women’s Assembly. The 3-day event featured notable speakers, workshops, worship, music and more. Read our wrap-up, and join us at the next Assembly May 20-22, 2022, in Orlando, Florida.
5/22/2018: Olson, top executive of United Methodist Women, was speaking at the final session of the 2018 Assembly held May 18-20. “The Power of Bold” was the theme for gathering.
5/22/2018: They arrived early from around the world to the 2018 United Methodist Women’s Assembly for a day of service and advocacy.
5/22/2018: Thousands of Methodist women gathered in Columbus focused on ways to be good stewards of the Earth  - The Columbus Dispatch
5/21/2018: Nine women bishops joined United Methodist Women for the closing service of Assembly in a celebration of progress and a joint commitment to the ongoing struggle for gender justice in church and society. 
5/20/2018: 연합감리교회 여선교회와 그 선임자들은 관대함이 영적인 훈련이라는 것을 늘 알고 있었습니다. 
5/19/2018: “Hello!” “Hi!” “How y’all doin’?!” Members were greeted by diverse group seated in the sanctuary of the United Methodist Church for All People as they headed to the church’s Free Store for Ubuntu Day of Service.
5/18/2018: Natural gas has been marketed as the clean energy alternative, but it leaks methane and toxic pollutants throughout the supply chain.
5/17/2018: The Power of BOLD! A compilation of comics featured in recent issues of response magazine.
5/16/2018: Assembly will bring nearly 8,000 women of faith to the  Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, May 18-20, 2018, for workshops on faith, social justice and action. We invite you to cover the Assembly plenary sessions and town hall events.
5/16/2018: We'll turn faith, hope and love into action at four action events related to our service and advocacy on Economic Inequality and Climate Justice leading up to and throughout “The Power of Bold” quadrennial Assembly in Columbus, Ohio, May 18-20. 
5/15/2018: In April the House Agriculture Committee passed the Farm Bill, which includes changes in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The bill could reduce food aid for millions of children. Find out what you can do in our Action Alert.
5/15/2018: Fifty years after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference founded the first Poor People’s Campaign, a new Campaign is being launched.
5/15/2018: As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of United Methodist Women, response magazine has featured comic-style illustrations of our legacy.
5/14/2018: Nearly 2,000 United Methodist Women members in town for their quadrennial Assembly are standing alongside Columbus-area faith, labor and community organizations calling for a living wage at a rally at the Ohio Statehouse, May 17. 
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