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1/8/2020: While our work at General Conference 2020 will be a continuation of work we have done for more than 100 years, it will be in a very different context.
1/8/2020: Si bien nuestro trabajo en la Conferencia General de 2020 (dos mil veinte) será, en muchos sentidos, una continuación del trabajo que hemos realizado durante más de 100 (cien) años, éste será en un contexto muy diferente.
1/7/2020: United Methodist Women members’ Mission Giving helps a divided and marginalized community in Belfast find housing, employment, wellness and peace.
1/6/2020: Attendees at a Just Energy for All event in Illinois learned about the impact of clean energy and how citizens can advocate for clean energy policies. 
1/5/2020: In this time of change, we encourage members to remain connected to each other, remain centered on the work we are called to do in the world and to remain watchful of information on next steps, confident that God is at work.
1/3/2020: United Methodist Women joins the Poor People’s Campaign to work for a country that better reflects God’s justice and grace.
1/2/2020: United Methodist Women brings four new petitions to General Conference 2020 that call on the church to prioritize women, children and youth.
12/27/2019: God bless you this new year and every year. May you be the light for the world.
12/23/2019: Let’s find ways to open the doors and the windows of our own circumscribed places so that the light spills out.
12/19/2019: The sign of Emmanuel would not be born from a family of wealth, means or status, but quite the opposite. This sign would be born to make the powerful and mighty tremble with fear.
12/12/2019: What an enormous joy it is to connect with each other and deepen our faith through service to others!
12/11/2019: As this year marks the 150th anniversary of United Methodist Women, help us reach the halfway mark of our campaign goal.
12/6/2019: For the last Legacy Story in our 3-year series, we celebrate the members of United Methodist Women who continue the legacy of our foremothers by putting faith, hope and love into action.
12/5/2019: "In the solitude of self, the Holy Spirit can reveal ways to draw us near to the kin-dom of heaven." Read the reflection for the second Sunday in Advent. 
11/29/2019: But when do I schedule time for the essential things, the things of eternal value? How do I plan time to make sure that I am ready?
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