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10/14/2019: The United Methodist Women Board of Directors met Oct. 4-6, 2019, and approved a $16.27 million operating budget for 2020, which includes funding for national and international mission grants and for program services administered by United Methodist Women.
10/14/2019: As we had conversations over the past few years about the future of The United Methodist Church, our members talked about what was meaningful to them about being a United Methodist.
10/14/2019: Each generation has uncertainty and challenge. Let us reshape our intention. Let us talk about opportunity and abundance and excitement.
10/9/2019: Born in Moncolova, Mexico, Minerva Garza was president of the Rio Grande Conference of the Woman’s Society of Christian Service from 1952-56.
10/4/2019: United Methodist Women board of directors elected Tamara C. Clark, CPA, treasurer of the national organization during an Oct. 4 session of its fall annual meeting.
9/23/2019: A middle-school student recounts her experience at the Climate Strike in New York.
9/12/2019: United Methodist Women today sharply questioned proposals to eliminate EPA’s methane rules, the first line of defense in keeping communities healthy.
9/11/2019: Now is a fitting time to reflect on United Methodist Women’s continuing involvement with workers’ rights and fair labor.
9/11/2019: United Methodist Women today publicly applauded the global student climate strike that will take place on Sept. 20 through Sept. 27. 
9/8/2019: Mujeres Metodistas Unidas, las necesidades de los inmigrantes y los refugiados de hoy nos llaman a orar, actuar, servir y abogar por el cuidado de “estos mis hermanos más pequeños” y por el amor de Jesús por la niñez profundamente grabados en nuestros corazones.
9/8/2019: 연합감리교회 여선교회 여러분, 오늘날 이민자와 난민들의 요구는 우리에게 우리의 마음속 깊이 새겨진 어린이들에 대한 예수님의 사랑 및 “이들 중 지극히 보잘 것 없는 사람”을 위한 보살핌과 더불어 기도하며, 행동하고, 봉사하며, 옹호하라고 촉구합니다. 
9/5/2019: United Methodist Committee On Relief is supporting response efforts for those affected by Hurricane Dorian.
9/4/2019: United Methodist Women members’ Mission Giving helps young women in China find community and pursue their dreams.
9/4/2019: United Methodist Women member Annette Wright finds help and healing from United Methodist Women after a tragic loss.
9/4/2019: The needs of immigrants and refugees today call us to pray, act, serve and advocate with care for “the least of these,” with Jesus’ love for children deeply etched in our hearts.
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