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6/21/2018: UPDATED: The Administration's June 20 decision to stem the horrendous policy of separating children from their parents does not guarantee the reunification of children already taken from their families, and it offers an unacceptable alternative of indefinite family detention.
6/20/2018: United Methodist Women took part in a rally against the separation of children from their families at the border. The protestors brought a petition signed by UMWomen and others to the Customs and Border Protection headquarters in Washington D.C.
6/20/2018: There is no moral ambiguity here. The Administration’s family separation policy is inhumane and unAmerican. United Methodist Women has partnered with faith and secular partners to maximize our voices on behalf of immigrant children.
6/20/2018: The Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya is the largest refugee site in the world. United Methodist Women supports the Center for Victims of Torture which counsels refugees who have experienced trauma and violence.
6/20/2018: When he announced the new policy on domestic violence and threats from gangs, Sessions took direct aim at people moving north from Central America through Mexico, particularly women who have been sexually and physically abused.  
6/19/2018: United Methodist Women cannot be silent as already vulnerable children suffer the trauma of being torn from their mothers and fathers at our nation’s borders in a policy designed to deter and punish the “least among us.”
6/14/2018: United Methodist Women joins with the National Farm Worker Ministry and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to call on Wendy’s, the last of the five major fast food companies, to sign the Fair Food Agreement.
6/11/2018: As Congress now moves to focus on the 2019 budget, we must act to protect funding for our priorities—programs that are crucial to the well-being of women, children and families.
6/4/2018: Harsh penalties for minor school infractions disproportionately penalize black, Latino and disadvantaged students, who need an education to have a successful future.
6/3/2018: Our common journey engages us in a process of formation in which we are willing to be influenced by one another’s faith and experience.
6/3/2018: Nuestro camino común nos compromete en un proceso de formación en el que estamos dispuestas a ser inspiradas por la fe y la experiencia de las demás.
6/1/2018: United Methodist Women from the Philippines and United States meet in Manila to strengthen ties and organize for mission.
6/1/2018: The living wage is a biblical issue. United Methodist Women’s focus on economic inequality calls us to demand a living wage for all. 
6/1/2018: “Every part of Asia has its own language, but what is common is the love that women have for God,” says Emma Cantor, a deaconess from the Philippines.
6/1/2018: 연합감리교인들은 종종 다음과 같은 말들을 합니다. 우리는 “연대 시스템”을 가지고 있습니다. 
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