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9/20/2017: A bi-partisan group of governors, AARP, the American Hospital Association and the American Medical Association have urged opposition to this bill.
9/8/2017: In the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, United Methodist Women is giving emergency funds to National Mission Institutions in Texas to assist families during recovery.
9/7/2017: Through the Legacy Fund we will be standing beside the United Methodist Women members who come after us. 
9/7/2017: Las donaciones designadas conllevan sus propias complicaciones. 
9/7/2017: United Methodist Women and the General Board of Church and Society train advocates and promote maternal health.
9/7/2017: Isaiah 59 tells of a society where truth has fallen in the street and no one calls for justice. How does this parallel with our time, and how can United Methodist Women raise truth?
9/7/2017: Sometimes, we have to take action to get people to hear our cry.
9/7/2017: United Methodist Women played a big part in establishing the Church Center for the United Nations by securing financing to erect the building.
9/6/2017: United  Methodist Women laments the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program  rescission and the fear that this move imposes on young undocumented immigrants in the only homeland they have ever known.
9/1/2017: 선교를 위해 헌금하고, 우리가 섬기는 사람들과 우리가 파송하고 지원하는 사람들을 위해 기도하는 것은 연합감리교회 여선교회의 오랜 전통입니다. 1869년과 1870 년에 우리의 선조들이 처음으로 여성들을 인도로 보낼 준비를 하면서, 그들은 함께 모여 자신들이 가지고 있는 자원을 제공하고, 기금을 모으며, 새롭고 위험한 일에 대한 하나님의 인도하심을 간구했습니다. 
8/29/2017: United Methodist Women in Bonham, Texas, make and donate about 150 blankets each year to a Head Start program. And that's just one of their annual projects!
8/29/2017: The people of Texas need our prayers. UMCOR needs relief kits and financial gifts for immediate relief and long term recovery after the worst U.S. rainstorm in history.
8/28/2017: Educator/author Charlene Black donated $12,000 from the proceeds of her book, “God Had a Plan Even for a Little Girl From Dexter.” Open Door executive Kim Jenkins says the need to make room for ten computers and new Bibles “is a nice problem to have.”
8/28/2017: The first African-American to serve as the Western North Carolina Conference President says her life of service began when her church saw something more in her than she saw herself.
8/24/2017: Women are making strides toward equality, but much more needs to be done to eliminate discrimination against women. 
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