Latest News and Resources

2/25/2021: I was once told that a person’s name is the sweetest word for that person. Read the reflection for the Second Sunday in Lent.
2/22/2021: Join our next live recording of the Faith Talks podcast on Feb. 25 at 2 p.m. ET focusing on Lent in the midst of COVID.
2/18/2021: There came a point in my life when I noticed a feeling that something was not right. The growing nagging led me to a meditation center for a ten-day silent retreat.
2/15/2021: As we ask ourselves how the meaning of Lent feels different this year, we hear the calling of God. Read the reflection for Ash Wednesday.
2/8/2021: Host Jennifer Farmer speaks with Darryl W. Stephens, author of Bearing Witness in the Kin-dom, the Rev. Khristi Lauren Adams, author of Parable of the Brown Girl, and United Methodist Women’s Emily Jones.
2/5/2021: Called upon to spread hope and love amidst difficult times, the Methodist Church of Peru launched the Bread of Hope campaign, distributing seven-day food bags for 600 families in six districts. 
2/5/2021: Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the Midwest and Southeast who are 18-26 years old are invited to apply the Faithful Climate Action Fellowship. Or you can nominate someone to participate!
2/2/2021: As the U.S. organizes the Climate Leaders’ Summit on April 22, it must continue to drastically increase U.S. commitments around emissions reductions. Read the statement from Elizabeth Lee.
1/29/2021: Join the hearing where United Methodist Women members and others will be sharing their testimonies in support of transit equity. Share your own story!
1/25/2021: Join Faith Talks host Jennifer Farmer as she discusses her new book, First and Only: A Black Woman’s Guide to Thriving at Work and in Life, with United Methodist Women’s Emily Jones.
1/22/2021: One of four recent projects to receive an economic development grant from United Methodist Women, a piggery in the Kono district in Sierra Leone is expanding.
1/12/2021: This quadrennium, United Methodist Women will focus on climate justice and the criminalization of communities of color.
1/12/2021: The Legacy Endowment Fund helps United Methodist Women put faith into action far into the future.
1/12/2021: United Methodist Women members at First United Methodist Church in Santa Rosa, California, uplift the marginalized and one another. 
1/12/2021: The work of United Methodist Women requires us to see real people and respond to real needs in the real world. I’m praying for you and with you, sisters, at such a time as this.