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7/18/2018: United Methodist Women will be reducing the size of its national staff for a leaner, more flexible, operation through a voluntary severance offering announced today.
7/16/2018: The 1869 Society was established to honor individuals who have designated United Methodist Women as a beneficiary of a will, trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy. 
7/13/2018: Use our Election Checklist  and Voters’ Rights Toolkit to ask questions and vote for candidates who are committed to attaining equality, justice and fairness for all.
7/9/2018: Para mí, crecer espiritualmente también significa cultivar la lectura de la Biblia, la oración y la reflexión con otras personas indagadoras (santos, pecadores, escritores y artistas del pasado y el presente), con el esfuerzo deliberado de vivir mi fe que me lleva al servicio y a la abogacía por la justicia.
7/9/2018: For me, growing spiritually also means the practice of reading the Bible, prayer and reflection with other seekers and the deliberate effort to live out my faith, which takes me to both service and advocacy for justice.
7/9/2018: As women in church and society, we are taught (subtly or outright) that our well-being is less important than and dependent on the well-being of others.
7/9/2018: The fast was sponsored by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, whose Campaign for Fair Food led to the Fair Food Program, an agreement between the coalition and Florida Tomato Growers to ensure fair wages and safe working conditions and overseen by the Fair Foods Standards Council.
7/9/2018: Built into each stitch is a love for God, a desire to commemorate the work of the past and a legacy of mission that provides hope for the future—all contained within the imagery from predecessor organizations as well as all 17 Great Plains Conference districts.
7/2/2018: For 40 years, United Methodist Women Deaconess Kathryn Maurer welcomed and assisted immigrants arriving in America. 
6/27/2018: United Methodist Women laments the Supreme Court decision on Janus v. AFSCME Council 31, which threatens strong unions, the quality of public sector jobs and hurts working families.
6/26/2018: Three United Methodist missionaries are being detained in the Philippines, and your help is urgently needed to secure their release.
6/21/2018: UPDATED: The Administration's June 20 decision to stem the horrendous policy of separating children from their parents does not guarantee the reunification of children already taken from their families, and it offers an unacceptable alternative of indefinite family detention.
6/20/2018: United Methodist Women took part in a rally against the separation of children from their families at the border. The protestors brought a petition signed by UMWomen and others to the Customs and Border Protection headquarters in Washington D.C.
6/20/2018: There is no moral ambiguity here. The Administration’s family separation policy is inhumane and unAmerican. United Methodist Women has partnered with faith and secular partners to maximize our voices on behalf of immigrant children.
6/20/2018: The Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya is the largest refugee site in the world. United Methodist Women supports the Center for Victims of Torture which counsels refugees who have experienced trauma and violence.
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