Latest News and Resources

9/23/2021: In advance of the UN Climate Talks in Glasgow, join WECAN’s Climate Assembly and hear from women climate leaders from around the world at this free virtual public forum, Sept. 25-30.
9/16/2021: Read the op-ed on Critical Race Theory by Cynthia Rives in the Denton Record-Chronicle.
9/15/2021: Cuando las instituciones misionales nacionales y las organizaciones compañeras solidarias de todo el mundo celebran importantes aniversarios de servicio misional, puedo escuchar maravillosas historias de cambios y de nuevos comienzos.
9/15/2021: 국내선교기관과 전 세계의 파트너들이 중요한 선교사역에 대한 기념일을 축하할 때, 저는 변화와 새로운 시작에 대한 멋진 이야기들을 듣게 됩니다. 
9/14/2021: The UN estimates that 80 percent of those being displaced by climate change are women. Read the op-ed by Elizabeth Chun Hye Lee, United Methodist Women's climate justice lead, at Religion News Service.
9/13/2021: United Methodist Women today released a statement highlighting the adverse impact the law will have on women who are poor and marginalized.
9/10/2021: Help support our National Mission Institutions that suffered hurricane damage.
9/9/2021: We honor the lives lost in the 9/11 attacks and the ongoing dedication of U.S. service men and women by recommitting to listening, learning, and the things that make for peace.
9/2/2021: Join our virtual TURN IT UP! Teatime, learn about all things Assembly, and find out how to run your own Teatime event.
9/2/2021: Exciting new programs are coming to United Methodist Women! Here’s why.
9/2/2021: United Methodist Women member Vickie Powell-Bass works in her community to uplift schoolchildren through her local school council. 
9/2/2021: The Neighborhood Center in Utica, New York, walks the path with children, seniors and immigrants.
9/2/2021: Our current church landscape is unsettled, and changes are coming. United Methodist Women has prepared by taking needed action now.
8/31/2021: Join the discussion on grief with the authors of the book "Sisters in Mourning: Daughters Reflecting on Care, Loss and Meaning," Sept. 2 at 2 p.m. ET
8/28/2021: Join United Methodist Women members and friends for a workshop on how to engage our congregations in the Children’s Sabbaths celebration, a nationwide multi-faith effort to improve children’s lives.