Legacy Fund

Sustaining Phase, Building On Our Success
As a permanently invested endowment, The Legacy Endowment Fund will forever be a source of income for United Methodist Women. Providing the assurance that United Methodist Women can provide the life-affirming, compassionate care and support that heals, restores and empowers populations of women, children and youth in the years and decades to come.

In 2014, the Board of Directors launched The Legacy Endowment Fund Campaign, setting a goal in 2017 to raise $60 million dollars. During the campaign’s six-year history, communities of United Methodist Women across the globe, raised over $34 million dollars, surpassing 56% of the $60 million goal in December 2020! The Campaign phase ended in December 2020, yet there is still a lot of road ahead us to reach that ambitious and yet reachable goal.

With an additional $25 million dollars to raise, fundraising and promotion must continue beyond 2020. This new fundraising space captured under the heading of a Sustaining Phase, Building on our Success, has begun in 2021. Th Sustaining Phase, builds on the accomplishments achieved during the campaign’s six-year history, strengthening that momentum with a range of activities to generate an additional $25 million. With additional gifts received in and beyond 2021, United Methodist women will have access to financial resources used to deepen and expand its mission to transform lives and ignite change in places near and far.