Our Impact

From the beginning, United Methodist Women members have led the way in countless endeavors. Our membership is comprised of women from all backgrounds and experiences, compelled by their Christian faith to serve and lead in places near and far and in ways never imagined.

This includes tutoring children and youth in after-school programs, volunteering at community food pantries, teaching Bible Study in churches, visiting the infirmed in hospitals, advocating against legislation and policies that marginalize women and children, and supporting the 100 National Mission Institutions in the United States and the 107 international organizations in 110 countries that provide a pathway to healthy, productive and empowered living. The reach and presence of United Methodist Women is felt far and wide, efforts having a deep and lasting impact on the lives of women, children and youth each and every day. 

This is what distinguishes United Methodist Women from other organizations, and attests to its longevity and relevance, today and especially in the years to come.