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News, updates and photos from Assembly 2014 in Louisville, Ky.

Ubuntu Day of Service at Assembly 2014

More than 600 United Methodist Women members and friends got acquainted with neighbors in Louisville, Ky., during the pre-Assembly Ubuntu Day of Service, April 24. 

On Thursday, April 24, United Methodist Women members went out into the Louisville community for a day of service and mutuality in mission. At almost 40 sites throughout the Louisille area, including two in Indiana, Ubuntu participants gardened, sorted, sered, landscaped, cleaned, painted and organized, and, most important, they learned about the local community. 

Yvette Richards (left), president of national United Methodist Women, helps prepare food at the Fourth Avenue United Methodist Church in Louisville, Ky., on April 24, 2014. The church provides food to homeless and underemployed people. With her is Andrew Thomas, lead chef.

Virginia Vandervest (left) and Brenda Learned of United Methodist Women work to free stuck paint containers to the amusement of Christy Troehler (right) during volunteer service at St. Vincent de Paul in Louisville, Ky.

Paulina Webber, a 13-year-old from Arkansas, helps wash a vehicle at Cabbage Patch Settlement House.

Kay Dodd of United Methodist Women plays with a young girl at the St. Benedict Center for Early Childhood Education in Louisville, Ky. 

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