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Elephants and Blankets and God…………..

Some thoughts on the size and purpose of God....

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This week has already been a pretty taxing week. It’s only Wednesday. There has been a lot of death this week. First, the volunteer music teacher for our summer program, died in a car accident. He was only 21. He was loved by all the kids and teachers here at Partners in Ministry. Then, I found out that a friend from back home died from cancer today. I’m not sure of his age but I always think of age in relation to my parents. I’m pretty sure he was a little bit younger than my dad.

I’ll let some one else in the blogosphere explain why bad things happen to good people.I’m no expert on that. Or anything else for that matter. However, when we broke the news of our teacher’s untimely death to the students, each classroom was assigned a pastor to address questions from the children. As a newly consecrated Deaconess, I offered to help out as well. The room I was assigned to was the 6-7 year olds. Now, what in the world can you tell a room full of six year olds about death? What can you say? What can you talk about?

I talked about Elephants. Yes. Elephants. I started by asking the kids if they had ever seen an elephant. Some raised their hands and said they had seen one at the zoo or at least on tv. I then asked them how big they thought God was. They answered, big, bigger than big, and really really big. I asked them which one was bigger, God or an elephant. Of course they answered elephant. I then explained to them that God was really big, bigger than any elephant I could ever imagine and that God was big enough to comfort their sadness, and could especially handle their madness.

After the elephant talk, I asked them if they had a favorite blanket. Most said they did, or had one at one time or another. I told them I did too. It was a quilt made by my great grandmother. It’s many many years old, it’s faded and tattered and would certainly be “real” by Velveteen Rabbit standards. I told them that whenever I was sick or sad or feeling just icky, I would get under that blanket and suddenly all felt a little bit more right with the world.

You see, to me God is big. Bigger than an elephant. And also, God is like a blanket, comforting. The God I believe in loves us more than anything, and can’t wait to comfort us when we need it. The God I serve wants the best for his/her children and cant wait to bless us more than we can stand it.

So, here on a Wednesday in the middle of a taxing week, I hope you find out that God is bigger than an elephant. Which means that God is bigger than our problems and our pain and our struggle, so of course God can handle them. Also, I hope that you find comfort in God, like a blanket for whatever is challenging you this week.

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