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Deaconesses at Work in AZ Refugee Crisis

Deaconess Barbara Haralson tells about ministry in Nogales and Tucson Arizona with refugees from Central America, especially unattended minors. Read about the efforts of Barbara, Deaconess Marjie Hrabe,Deacon Sherry Brady and others to address this urgent need.

Dear Friends ~ As many of you know, the border town on Nogales, AZ and the Tucson, AZ Greyhound Bus Depot have been inundated with refugees from Central America in the past weeks. Deaconess Marjie Hrabe, Deacon Sherry Brady, and myself have done what we can to assist in supplying needful supplies to the border as well as a continuing effort to assist mothers and children as they are dropped at the Tucson bus depot.

The effort started in our local town of Safford AZ with gathering of financial contributions coming from all parts of the country. An ecumenical group of teens helped to put together health kits and sort clothes for the effort. They will also be helping us make small tied blankets for small children on the journey from Tucson as well as assemble more health kits.

Kathy Gilbert of has posted a short story of the ongoing efforts to assist both the unattended minors and the women and children explaining their temporary status here in the U.S. See the website below.

Blessings ~ Deaconess Barbara Haralson

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