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From May 10-20, 2016, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church will meet in Portland, Oregon. United Methodist Women will be there to ensure women, children and youth are a priority for the denomination and are not overlooked in any legislative, budget or theological decisions. Posts by Tara Barnes.

General Conference Day 2—Legislation by committee

Day 2 of General Conference: United Methodist Women legislation broken down by committee.

Before legislation is voted on by the body of General Conference, it first goes through committee. Committees decide which petitions will and will not make it to vote on the plenary floor. All legislation is assigned a committee based on its content.
Here is United Methodist Women legislation broken down by committee in order to help you better track its progress. You can type in the petition number or key words at Page numbers refer to the petitions place in the Advance Daily Christian Advocate.
Church and Society 1
Environmental Racism in the United States
Petition 60246-CA-R1025 (p. 203)
Title change, revise, readopt
The Law of the Sea
Petition 60247-CA-R1028 (p. 208)
Readopt as is
Protection of Water
Petition 60248-CA-R1029 (p. 208)
Revise and readopt
Petition 60257-CA-R4056 (p. 217)
Revise and readopt
Petition 60258-CA-R4058 (p. 220)
Revise and readopt
U.S. Public Education and the Church
Petition 60259-CA-R5051 (p. 226)
Title revision, revise and readopt
Environmental Health
Petition 60261-CA-R9999 (p. 271)
Principles for Just and Sustainable Extraction and Production
Petition 60262-CA-R9999 (p. 275)
Church and Society 2
Responsible Parenthood
Petition 60249-CB-R2025 (p. 327)
Revise and readopt
Children’s Sabbath
Petition 60250-CB-R3086 (p. 343)
Revise and readopt
The Girl Child
Petition  60264-CB-R3089 (p. 344)
Revise and readopt
Protecting Children From Mercury-Containing Drugs
Petition 60251-CB-R3206 (p. 358)
Readopt as is
United Methodist Response to Hospital Mergers in the United States
Petition 60252-CB-R3208 (p. 359)
Title revision, revise and readopt
Charter for Racial Justice Policies in an Interdependent Global Community
Petition 60253-CB-R3371 (p. 362)
Revise and readopt
Speaking Out for Compassion: Transforming the Context of Hate in the United States
Petition 60254-CB-R3422 (p. 368)
Title revision, revise and readopt
The Status of Women: Toward Realizing Human Rights for All Women
Petition 60256-CB-R3444 (p. 371)
Title revision, revise and readopt
Stop Criminalizing Communities of Color in the United States
Petition 60263-CB-R9999 (p. 380)
Teen Sexual Identity and Suicide Risk
Petition 60896-DI- R2121 (p. 586)
Revise and readopt
Faith and Order
Biblical Language
Petition 60260-FO-R8010 (p. 778)
Readopt as is
General Administration
Inclusiveness of Gender and Age (Article IV)
Petition 60163-GA-¶4 (p. 785)
Submitted by General Commission on the Status and Role of Women, collaborating with United Methodist Women and Discipleship Ministries.

Independent Commissions
Relationship to the General Board of Global Ministries
Petition 60243-IC-¶1327 (p. 977)
United Methodist Women Program Advisory Group
Petition 60244-IC-¶1328 (p. 978)
Lay Order
Petition 60245-IC--¶1300 (p. 977; see also the Study on Lay Order—p. 963)
Ecclesiastical Support
Petition 60272-IC-¶1300 (p. 977)
Celebration of 150 Years of United Methodist Women
Petition 60255-IC-R3441 (p. 1002)

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