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From May 10-20, 2016, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church will meet in Portland, Oregon. United Methodist Women will be there to ensure women, children and youth are a priority for the denomination and are not overlooked in any legislative, budget or theological decisions. Posts by Tara Barnes.

General Conference Day 3—Robert Rules

Day 3 of General Conference 2016: Rule 44, more meetings.


Yesterday the various legislative committees elected chairs, vice chairs and secretaries as well as chairs of subcommittees. To see who was elected to these positions, check out the Daily Christian Advocate for May 12 (p. 12, PDF).
Legislation was discussed and amended today in committees, and petitions have begun to move through the process toward being (or not being) voted on by the body of General Conference. This morning, the body voted against rule 44, a proposed group discernment process for discussing and voting on legislation, meaning the parliamentary process of Robert's Rules of Order will remain the process, even for so-called "controversial" petitions.
Committees will continue to meet and will continue to need your prayers. The process can be hectic, and overwhelming, and even frustrating. It can also be inspiring and important when room is made for the Holy Spirit to also be present. May the Holy Spirit be overwhelming.

Tune in to the livestream tomorrow morning beginning at 8 a.m. (PDT) for worship followed by the laity address!

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