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From May 10-20, 2016, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church will meet in Portland, Oregon. United Methodist Women will be there to ensure women, children and youth are a priority for the denomination and are not overlooked in any legislative, budget or theological decisions. Posts by Tara Barnes.

General Conference Day 8—Legislation update

General Conference day 8: Catching you up on where our legislation is and could be. 

Passed on consent calendar May 18, 2016
Charter for Racial Justice Policies
Global Health and Rights: Eradicating Sexual and Gender-based Violence

Great! Learn more about the Charter for Racial Justice:

To (still) be brought to the floor for vote
Responsible Parenthood, R05, no. 497, p. 2323
Lay Order for Deaconesses and Home Missioners, Consent Calendar A03, no. 77, p. 2102
Teen Sexual Identity and Suicide Risk, Discipleship, R05, no. 509, p. 2324
Status of Women, Global Ministries, R05, no. 516, p. 2324
The Girl Child, Global Ministries, R05, no. 517, p. 2324
Children’s Sabbath, Global Ministries, R05, no. 515, p. 2324
Environmental Health, R04, no. 376, p. 2206
Principles for Just and Sustainable Extraction and Production, R04, no. 377, p. 2206

Best chance of making floor today (May 19, 2016)
Lay Order for Deaconesses and Home Missioners
Responsible Parenthood

Tune into the live feed to follow along, and find calendar items and numbers in the Daily Christian Advocate.
Learn more about our legislation.

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