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From May 10-20, 2016, the General Conference of The United Methodist Church will meet in Portland, Oregon. United Methodist Women will be there to ensure women, children and youth are a priority for the denomination and are not overlooked in any legislative, budget or theological decisions. Posts by Tara Barnes.

General Conference: Pre-conference Women's Briefings

United Methodist Women and the General Commission on the Status and Role of Women host briefings for women delegates before General Conference 2016.

On Monday May 9 we partnered with the United Methodist General Commission on the Status and Role of Women to host briefings for women delegates before the start of General Conference. Central Conference women delegates gathered Monday morning and all women Monday evening. 

Even in the 21st century, women still need to be organized for mission. Sometimes that means reminding one another that we are leaders and supporting one another in becoming leaders in the church and world. 

The women delegates learned about how General Conference works, especially the legislative process, and how they can be leaders in the process. They discussed how to evaluate legislation, asking: Who brought the petition? Who supports it and why? Who opposes it and why? How does this affect women? Who has dominated the conversation? Who has gone unheard?

We pray women delegates are safe and feel empowered to speak and vote their hearts at General Conference and by so doing transform life for marginalized women, children and youth down the street and around the world.

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