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YouTube Videos: How to watch them offline

Many churches don't have strong wi-fi signals so it is difficult to show YouTube videos during worship services or United Methodist Women gatherings. Luckily there are dozens of tools that allow you to save YouTube videos and show them anytime, anywhere.

As with so many software needs and directions you can go to and search for the phrase "download youtube videos." You'll find almost 2 million results!  That is a lot to go through but know that the most popular links are often popular for a good reason and they show up on the top of the results list; you will often find a great solution on the first or second page.

My search led me to YTD Video Downloader on (a reputable site I have used many times before.) It was easy to download, install and use.

Included in the offerings are browser plugins: the add-on for Chrome and Firefox get high ratings. also offers plugins for Explorer and Safari (not as highly rated.)

Serveral web based converters/downloaders promise to download YouTube videos. The few I tested were slow, complicated or both. If you have discovered a favorite, please let us know what works best and why you love it.

Enjoy the videos on YouTube!  Whenever you have questions about getting the most out of United Methodist Women's online offerings, please e-mail me.

Margaret Wilbur
Senior Web Designer

| 8/26/2014 9:25:26 AM | 0 comments


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UPDATE: When the free trial of YTD Downloader expired, I tried ClipConverter at This is an online converter so there is no software to download. It was super easy and fast; the quality is not as high as with some converters but is really good considering the ease, time and cost ($0.)

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