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YouTube Videos: How to View Offline

Many churches don't have strong wi-fi signals so it is difficult to show YouTube videos during worship services or United Methodist Women gatherings. There are tools that allow you to save YouTube videos and show them anytime, anywhere.

As with so many software needs and directions you can go to Link opens in a new window. and search for the phrase "download youtube videos." You'll find almost 2 million results!  That is a lot to go through but know that the most popular links are often popular for a good reason and they show up on the top of the results list; you will often find a great solution on the first or second page.

The Bad News: Downloading apps/software to do this can be complicated for some users and, worse, dangerous! It's easy to click on a link that looks like legitimate content but will end up downloading a virus.

The Good News! We're finding more online apps that work in your browser and simply provide a converted file to download. You just paste in the URL of the video, and in a couple of clicks you're done! Those listed below get great reviews and we have tested them ourselves.

Link opens in a new window. This was easy and lightning fast. There's nothing to download on the free online version and there are no ads to confuse the user.

Link opens in a new window. This was also easy and fast with no ads.

Link opens in a new window. This tool is very robust and is also free, but the extra features — like converting, extracting and advanced formats — make it a bit more complicated.

Check out browser extensions and apps for your devices if you expect to download a lot of videos. Look for those with the highest ratings and always read the fine print.


Enjoy the YouTube videos!  Whenever you have questions about getting the most out of United Methodist Women's online offerings and social media, please e-mail me.

Margaret Wilbur
Senior Web Designer

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