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Limitless: Redefine Tomorrow

Limitless in the California-Pacific Conference

In 2013 the United Methodist Women National Office asked conference Limitless teams to share their successes and struggles as they work to increase young women’s involvement in United Methodist Women and make it a truly multigenerational organization. This response is from the California-Pacific Conference. 

In August 2012, three women from the California-Pacific Conference United Methodist Women attended Limitless: Redefine Tomorrow, United Methodist Women’s national gathering for young women at Duke University in Durham, N.C. Teen Nicolina Pascua, young adult Nicole Nonies and myself, as mentor.
Cal-Pac Limitless Team
Nicole Nonies is a student at the University of Hawaii in Hilo, where she is studying nursing. Nicolina Pascua is a first-year student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and both women attend Wahiawa United Methodist Church in Oahu and have been devoted to the mission of the Limitless movement to get more young women involved in United Methodist Women and increase their participation in making a difference in our world. They have truly been dedicated to this mission and have been busy speaking at United Methodist Women events and in churches, and have already had two successful events in Hawaii and are planning a third event in California in July. They have great energy, and it has been rewarding working with them as their mentor.
This event inspired young women of faith in our church across the nation to create the Limitless movement. Through their efforts we are creating venues that are transcending barriers and doing social justice work to better our communities by putting faith, hope and love into action.
Upon our return home, the Cal-Pac Limitless Team has had the opportunity to speak at churches in Hawaii and California to highlight the importance of getting our young women connected to United Methodist Women. To help us do this important work we added a fourth member to our team for our work in Hawaii: Sinaitakala “Kala” Salakielu. She is a valuable addition, helping us better connect not only with the Tongan women but contributing a unique perspective from her experiences as she works to increase participation of all young people in our churches.
As the mentor I have taken on this rewarding role, as Mordecai did when he counseled Esther. We need to see our young women as the Esthers of today called right now, right here, to be Limitless for such a time as this.
The Limitless movement is about inspiring the next generation of women in our church though skill, faith and confidence-building events. I will share what events our team has done and will do for Hawaii and California!
Hawaii Event: Forever Limitless
Our first Hawaii event was held on August 3, 2013, at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Wesley Foundation. Our Hawaii United Methodist Women along with our Limitless Team offered “Forever Limitless,” an opportunity for Hawaii’s young women to attend a special event created just for them. We had in attendance nearly 40 participants. Most were in college with a few high school seniors and juniors. Our time together had us getting creative with arts and crafts, getting in the groove with music and dancing, having fun with lots of games, workshops on opportunities available to get involved through the Methodist church and an Ubuntu Day of Service in which we got a local school ready for students by washing windows and desks.
It was a unique opportunity for the young women to learn more about the church and make new friends. We were feed really well by different church’s United Methodist Women’s groups and enjoyed the hospitality of the Wesley Foundation.
During our evaluation discussion, the organizing team shared that they would like to further explore the areas of social justice and how they manifest in Hawaii that they want to have gatherings for young women more often—one shared that we should have them every month! The young women said they want the events open to all young women interested in participating. It was shared that we also need to expand our small group of three to include others voices in the effort to get more involvement. And we did just that by adding Kala as our fourth member of the Limitless team, so far!
Hawaii Event: Limitless Thanks and Giving
Our second Limitless event was held November 22, 2013, from 6-9 p.m., and the theme was “Limitless Thanks and Giving.” The program did just that!
We had the opportunity to make a difference with Ubuntu Day of Service working with two community organizations that assist families during difficult times. We volunteered at the Vancouver House, a transitional home for families located next to the Wesley Foundation in Honolulu, and HUGS, a group that helps families with a critically ill child.
For HUGS we were asked to provide a small gift for the holidays for the families. We made 102 gifts of a paper gingerbread people with candy cane hearts and placed stickers on them that said they were from United Methodist Women. They were very cute and were used to decorate the tables for the Maui HUGS Christmas party. They added cheer to the event and let the families know that we are thinking of them this holiday season. The HUGS volunteer director attended our event and provided the group with information about the organization and thanked everyone for the gifts. We all agreed that we would like to work with them again as they were so responsive and in such need of just little things to show the children and families they are not alone during a difficult time.
At Vancouver house the children and parents enjoyed an ice cream treat, made cards for Thanksgiving for their loved ones, and had fun running around playing games with the women. Our time with the children went so fast!
Cal-Pac Limitless: Looking Ahead
The Limitless team has made ourselves available to churches for presentations on what we are trying to accomplish. We enjoy getting to meet and discuss with the young women at the different churches what they want from their organization.
Our team has been blessed to be able to attend meetings and events in California and Hawaii. We attended the United Methodist Women’s Annual Celebration at beautiful Westwood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, Calif., and spoke of the Limitless effort.
Our future plans include attending the Limitless Reunion at Assembly 2014 in Louisville, Ky., in April. Assembly is a national gathering of all United Methodist Women from around the world that occurs every four years thousands of participants, and this year it will include the Limitless teams from around the country. At the reunion will reflect and inspire and motivate one another to continue the movement.
Our future plans also include a California Limitless event in July. It will be held July 17, 2014, as part of Mission u, and we are just starting the planning of this event. As you can tell, there is a great deal of enthusiasm for this initiative, and we can’t wait to do this event in California in 2014. Let’s keep it going!
Atina T. Pascua is member of United Methodist Women at Wahiawa United Methodist Church since moving and serves on the Hawaii United Methodist Women Leadership Team for Limitless.
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