Legacy Fund Toolkit

The Legacy Fund Toolkit is a resource of materials every member can use to promote the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign. From the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign logo, biblical resources about giving, to creating “fun” fundraising ideas, this toolkit will help every member be inspired to join us in raising funds to reach the $60 million campaign goal!

Promotional Materials

Legacy Builder & Legacy Endowment Fund

Legacy Builder FAQ

Legacy Endowment Fund FAQ

Legacy Endowment Fund Presentation

Legacy Endowment Fund Talking Points

Legacy Endowment Fund Christmas Skit

Biblical Resources and Studies for Giving

"A Legacy of Giving: A Bible Reflection" by Carol Van Gorp
A reflection that may inspire Legacy Fund giving.

"What About Our Money," the 2018 Mission u Issue Studies help us understand our relationship with money in the context of our faith.

Fundraising Ideas

Fun-Raise for the Legacy Fund! This little brochure gives ideas and three easy steps to create a Fun-Raiser!

Desert Southwest raised over $12,000 by having fun. Their story may inspire your unit, district or conference to turn fundraising into Fun-Raising!

Historical Resources

"That Handful of Women," the origin of our foremothers of United Methodist Women, by Barbara Campbell 

Bibliography of resources illustrating the history and legacy of United Methodist Women