Program & Event Ideas
Resources to help leaders plan meetings, dedications and public event.
Worship Services
Orders of service for different occasions to use, adapt, combine and share.
Social Action Resources
Get the tools you need whether you are standing up for rights or stepping up against injustice.
Reading Program
Books focus on Education for Mission, Nurturing for Community, Social Action, Spiritual Growth and Leadership Development.
Local, District & Conference Roles
United Methodist Women serve in countless ways. If you've taken on an area of responsibility, check here for guidelines and tools.
Leadership Events
Mission u and Leadership Development Days bring us together for learning, networking and fellowship.
Mission Resources
Make more mission possible. See what materials are available to undergird your work.
Membership Resources
How to tell our story. Materials that say what we do, why we do it and how much joy it brings us!
Logos & Templates
Tools for creating your own resources.
Videos, Photos, Infographics
See videos of advocacy in action, leaders discussing our past and our future, and photos to show the world how vital our work is.
Guidance on how to organize in ways that help fulfill United Methodist Women’s Purpose.
Audio & Music
Listen to Responsively Yours in English, Korean and Spanish.