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Nepal Mission Visits New York

Mark Galpin, right thanked Carol VanGorp (left) for her work to secure funding after the devastating earthquake.

The United Mission in Nepal provided relief to ten thousand households after the April 2015 earthquake. The mission is now engaged in nothing less than the long-term transformation of a culture to support the women, children and marginalized of the region.

Mission executive Mark Galpin thanked Carol Van Gorp, United Methodist Women executive for international ministries, and several staff members in attendance on September 29, 2015, for the work of United Methodist Women and the endowed funds of $100,000, given immediately after the disaster to support Nepal medical relief needs. In the first phase of recovery from the quake, the mission distributed food, such as rice and legumes, to the hard-to-reach northern parts of the country.

United Methodist Women, through the international ministries office, has undergirded and will continue to support the mission with funds to assist and empower women, girls and the disempowered through leadership development, education and nutrition programs in a culture that has not always valued the girl child as highly as the boy child.

In a society that has often 'fed the boys first,' it is not uncommon for girls to be sent to school only after the boys have attended. Indeed, widows have been discriminated against; often still, when a woman's husband dies, she loses not only her family, but all community support.

United Mission in Nepal is currently recruiting an additional 45 staff to head up its long-term rehabilitation and recovery work. A key part will be the training of community leaders, many of whom will be women, to help in the trauma healing process.  The longer term work aims at addressing the roots causes of poverty and this requires transformative changes to the power structures at the community level and beyond.

And while the majority of donors to the Nepal mission are Christian in a country with a Christian minority, the international non-governmental organization does not discriminate or proselytize. In fact, when another organization asked about sharing the Christian message after the quake, Mr. Galpin replied, "This is not a time for words. This is a time for deeds. God will honor that."

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