2016 - A Limitless Legacy

Second Sunday in Lent

2016 - A Limitless Legacy
Ariel Murphy

My United Methodist Women story begins at 6 weeks old at Young Harris College. That’s when I attended my first Spiritual Life Retreat with my grandmother and my mom. At the time, my mom was the first African-American president of the Gainesville District United Methodist Women in Georgia. The ladies lavished me with gifts, including my first Special Mission Recognition pin, which was a silver 25th anniversary pin.

I did not know I would be a United Methodist Women member for the rest of my life. Almost everywhere I go I meet someone with a United Methodist Women connection. I always feel welcome and like I have a place at the table.

In 2012, I attended United Methodist Women’s national Limitless: Redefine Tomorrow event for young women at Duke University. We talked about ways to build young women leadership and strategized how to develop a core group of young women leaders because in the 21st century women still need to organize for mission.

Interacting With Women of All Ages

My United Methodist Women community allows me to interact with women of all ages. North Georgia Conference United Methodist Women makes a specific effort to include young women on all levels of the organization. Our young women’s Limitless group meets just prior to our Conference Executive team and a representative shares our concerns. We are working toward having representatives on each Conference committee. Our format allows young and older women to talk before, during and after the meeting.

United Methodist Women challenges you and expands your capacity to serve. I recently took the role of getting T-shirts made for my conference United Methodist Women in 2014. It was a challenge to get the correct orders from more than 100 women in all 12 districts. But with the help of my supportive community, I got the shirts designed, ordered, money exchanged and delivered to everyone. And, we were very fashionable in our matching shirts at the United Methodist Women’s 2014 quadrennial national Assembly in Louisville, Kentucky!

United Methodist Women stretched me again when I traveled to Seoul, South Korea, to study Peace and Cyber Peace at the Scranton Women’s Leadership Center, one of United Methodist Women’s many mission partners. While in Seoul, we also did some traditional mission work by volunteering with Vacation Bible School and a community gardening program.

United Methodist Women members are not limited by the bounds of a country or age or ideas. I am excited because United Methodist Women’s mission impact is everywhere! People recognize United Methodist Women: Our brand is respected, world inspected and Holy Ghost protected! To anyone who asks, “Why is she still with United Methodist Women?” I stay because United Methodist Women rocks!

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Our Lenten Journey

In this season of Lent, we are reflecting on the 150-year legacy of United Methodist Women. Each of our Lenten reflections is part of our ongoing legacy of putting faith, hope and love into action.

Save March 23 as the date to celbrate 150 years with a gift to the legacy fund.

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