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A Day to Celebrate United Methodist Women

This March 23, United Methodist Women turns 150. Celebrate the legacy of women in mission with the Day of Giving.

A Day to Celebrate United Methodist Women
Mother and daughter, Cara Lambert and Kathleen Adams, try out the rockers in the experience hall at Assembly 2018.

March 23, 2019, is a very special day for United Methodist Women members. It is the day our organization will officially be 150 years old—a true day of celebration! It’s also a special Day of Giving during which members and supporters can give to the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign to ensure our next 150 years in mission.

One can only imagine what that small group of strong, determined women who met on March 23, 1869, at Tremont Methodist Episcopal Church in Boston would say now about what they started. I imagine they would be very pleased to see that the school, Isabella Thoburn College, and hospital, Clara Swain Hospital, founded by their first missionaries in India are still in operation today.

I hope they’d smile to see God’s hands at work through United Methodist Women over the past 150 years. Their legacy lives on in the national mission institutions and colleges that Mission Giving supports today, in the impactful justice, mission and ministry work we continue to do to fulfill our Purpose, in the thousands of women in attendance at our last Assembly, all with the same shared passion for mission that they put into action so long ago.

Day of Giving

March 23, our annual Day of Giving, is on a Saturday this year, and exciting events have been planned all over the country. In Boston, near the site where it all began, the New England Conference United Methodist Women, in collaboration with the United Methodist Commission on Archives and History and Boston University School of Theology, will host a daylong 150th birthday event.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be very close to the original site of the founding of what is now United Methodist Women, exactly 150 years later,” said Leeda Marsh, chair of the Boston event. Viewing of stained-glass windows from that church, a message from General Secretary Harriett Jane Olson and a historical walking tour are among the activities planned for this event.

In other parts of the country members will be participating in district prayer breakfasts, mission institution celebrations, issue forums, legislative events and more. In New York City the staff at the national office will be celebrating as well, answering the phone calls and e-mails of generous United Methodist Women members and supporters who will be donating to the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign on Day of Giving.

“We were blessed with a 30 percent increase in donations from the 2017 to 2018 Day of Giving,” said Emily Marshall, director of development for United Methodist Women. “We’re hoping for an even greater increase for this anniversary year!”

Donating to the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign on this very special Day of Giving is a perfect way to celebrate the history of this important organization and ensure its future by making a pledge commitment to donate $18.69 monthly in 2019.

“On Day of Giving we’re honoring those who had a vision of what women could do to help other women, children and youth,” said Lynda Morris, president of the Metro District United Methodist Women in the Western North Carolina Conference. “We are taking that vision and looking toward the future at how much more we can accomplish.”

Ways to Donate

There are many ways to donate. You can call 212-870-3705 and speak to a staffperson who can assist you with a donation over the phone or answer any questions you might have about becoming a member of the 1869 Society through a planned gift. You can make a one-time donation or make an ongoing pledge by texting 41444 on your cell phone and writing the word “Legacy” and the amount in the message. You can mail your donation to the national office, noting Day of Giving on your check, or you can visit to make a donation by credit card or set up an ongoing pledge.

“Just like those original women who began putting two pennies together to make a difference,” said Marsh, “I give to the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign because it’s the best way to continue their legacy and invest in the future of United Methodist Women.”

Christi Campos is executive for development and donor relations for United Methodist Women.

Posted or updated: 3/5/2019 12:00:00 AM

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Click here to give to the Legacy Fund to celebrate 150 years of United Methodist Women.

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