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A Legacy of New Beginnings

Survivors of Domestic Violence Find Healing and Hope at Navajo United Methodist Center

A Legacy of New Beginnings
A water tank arrives at the Navajo United Methodist Center New Beginnings

United Methodist Women members find their legacy at the healing and hope happening every day at the Navajo United Methodist Center in Farmington, New Mexico, which is supported by pledge dollars through Mission Giving.

Domestic violence, or intimate partner violence, occurs across lines of race, gender and socio- economic status and is especially devastating to those living on the margins with few if any options to leave safely.

Navajo United Methodist Center, located in San Juan County, has been a haven for Native American people and families affected by domestic violence since 1994, and is the only long-term facility serving the vast region of Four Corners and the Navajo Nation.

The center provides support services and communal style transitional living for domestic abuse survivors. Given that 75 percent of those served are Native American people from the Northern Agency of the Navajo Nation, the center prioritizes traditional cultural education and dispute resolution through peacemaking, meditation and group discussions.

United Methodist Women is proud to be a part of the healing and hope happening at the center and is honored to name Navajo United Methodist Center as part of United Methodist Women’s legacy made possible by every member giving through the Pledge to Mission Giving.

Posted or updated: 11/7/2018 12:00:00 AM

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