Third Sunday of Advent

Advent Reflection: Hope

Advent Reflection: Hope

Luke 3:7-18

Just as we anticipate the birth of Jesus, John the Baptist also looked forward to the coming of the Messiah. He was preparing the way by preaching and baptizing people in the Jordan River as God had instructed him to do. After they were baptized, the people asked, “What then should we do?” The crowd that gathered appeared to be in distress and felt helpless. John preached to them that they were to go and do good and to share their possessions with those who have none.

As a Native woman serving on the United Methodist Women’s Board of Directors, I sometimes feel – as John may have – that the responsibilities might be too difficult. I wonder why I was given this opportunity to serve outside my homeland of the Navajo Nation. Was God telling me that my work was not finished following my retirement? I had questions similar to those of the crowd around John. I don’t know if John felt inadequate to his task, but I did! I prayed and hoped that the women I was to work with would accept me and help me learn my responsibilities and not look down on me or be critical of me because of my being “a reservation Indian.” And then I remember the words of John.

John didn’t ask the people on the banks of the River Jordan about their ethnicity, social standing or economic status. He told all his listeners to go and do good and to share their possessions. Our possessions may not be money; they may instead be gifts of the spirit or gifts of service. Each of us has gifts we can share with those who need us. This passage in Luke encourages me to be of service to the Christ Child and His followers by sharing my gifts of leadership and my gift of ethnicity.

My Advent prayers to the Creator in this third Sunday of Advent carry my hopes on soft wings fluttering in the gentle winds reaching the heavens along with my promise to do good things with the help of the Holy Spirit. God spoke and provided me with a sense of power, power to reach out to those in need and to be a voice for those who cannot speak, those who are imprisoned physically, emotionally or spiritually. To be a Voice in the Wilderness proclaiming the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Messiah!

May we also find HOPE in the words of Isaiah in this season of Advent: “God is indeed my salvation; I will trust and won’t be afraid. Yah, the Lord, is my strength and my shield; he has become my salvation!” (Isaiah 12:2) And now I sing, “My hope is built on solid ground!”

Daryl Junes Joe, is the United Methodist Women Director of the New Mexico Conference and is a member of the Navajo Nation in Shiprock, New Mexico.

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Many of this year’s Advent devotions were written by Native American women, reflecting United Methodist Women's principles of inclusion, multiculturalism and equity.

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