All in for the Legacy Fund

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All in for the Legacy Fund
Members at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Asheville, NC, exceeded their fundraising goal for the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign.

We did it! United Methodist Women at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Asheville, North Carolina, has reached 100 percent in giving to the Legacy Fund. All 31 members, both active and inactive, have given (or have had given in their honor) at least $18.69 each year, from 2015-2019, over and above their Pledge to Mission, plus an additional $186.90 per year in the name of our unit. According to our records, our total giving to date is $9,940.53.

How did we do it? We began back in January 2015 by talking about the wonderful legacy we have inherited from our predecessor organizations and our recognition that the plight of women, children and youth in today’s world is still dire and that the work started in 1869 by the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society is still needed today.

Some in our group are retired missionaries and deaconesses. They shared some of their work and how important it is that not only the ministries in which they had been involved be sustained for the next 150 years but also that United Methodist Women continue to meet new and emerging needs on into the future.

As we discussed the 150th anniversary celebration to be observed on March 23, 2019, we committed ourselves to each component of the celebration: Celebrating our past, strengthening our local unit as we focus on the future and building the Legacy Fund Endowment. Each member was given the information sheet developed by our Conference Legacy Fund Advisory Committee that provided not only complete information about the Legacy Fund but also had on the reverse side provision for individual pledges and an opportunity for gifts to the Legacy Fund in memory/honor of persons important to each individual.

A record was kept of each individual pledge plus their special gifts, with regular reports on our total giving to the unit and reminders to each individual giver. Initially six members, recognizing that they might not live long enough to join in the 2019 celebration in person, paid all five years in 2015. Four of them have already made their transition into life eternal. In January, realizing that we were already almost there, our unit decided to complete all of our payments for the five years and become the first unit in our conference to reach 100 percent. And we are so proud we did.

Betty J. Letzig is treasurer for United Methodist Women at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Asheville, North Carolina.

Posted or updated: 6/1/2018 12:00:00 AM

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