Fourth Sunday of Advent

Blessed Is She!

Blessed Is She!

Luke 1:39-45

“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” – Luke 1:45

Elizabeth made this proclamation when Mary came to visit after learning that she herself was now with child that would become the Messiah, the Christ Child. The two women shared a simple faith, one of obedience and mystery. They had been chosen by God to give birth to two babies who would, as adult males, change the world!

As Blackfeet women, we celebrate the mystery – and the reality – of the birth of Jesus, that little baby who grew to be recognized as the Messiah, our Savior. We celebrate the mystery of females being chosen to carry out responsibilities specific to them, whether they be human or animal or plant.

As in many world cultures, Blackfeet believe that every child, whether male or female, is blessed and loved. No matter the circumstance of birth, children are a blessing from God. The mothers who give them birth are blessed. But Elizabeth’s message of blessing to Mary isn’t always accepted or followed. In our part of Indian Country, we have heavy hearts because of the disrespect and violence to some of God’s children, specifically missing and murdered Indigenous women (MMIW). We look at the passage of Luke, however, and know that our missing and murdered Indigenous women are loved by God. We know that the Trinity is grieving with us, because of the hurt being done to our sisters and daughters. And we, too, hurt for our friends, the families of the missing and murdered women who are our relations.

As we here in Blackfeet country in Montana cry with the families of missing girls and women, we find comfort in Elizabeth’s words from Luke because we apply them to our friends as well as to Mary, blessed mother of the Christ Child. We believe that the Lord will fulfill his promises to the missing women whom we call friends.

As we prepare for the coming of the Christ Child, let us remember and keep in our prayers those who have connections to the #MMIW movement. Grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunties, and friends who have yet to come home to rest within their family’s embrace. And let us also rejoice even in this time of uncertainty, for it is their lives that we celebrate.

MaryAnn Hall (Blackfeet/Cree) is a Tribal Rights employee and an exploring candidate for Certified Lay Minister. Denise Salois (Blackfeet/Cree) is a community animal and wildlife rescuer. Sheri Ann Hill (Ojibwe) is also a community activist for the underserved and a beadwork artist. All women are Blackfeet United Methodist Women members.

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