Intercept Human Trafficking

Let's Box 'Em Up and Stack 'Em Up!

Super Bowl LI is on February, 5, 2017

Let's Box 'Em Up and Stack 'Em Up!

Join this virtual barricade of boxes!

In football, the phrase "stack the box" is used when the defense puts its players in a rectangular formation ("in the box") to stop the offensive team's rush in its tracks. Traffickers run a game on the vulnerable and we aim to stack the box against them, to intercept their game and to box 'em up for prosecution.

This annual awareness campaign gets real results. Last year a woman e-mailed the national office who had helped a trafficking survivor; at first she didn't know what to do, then she remembered that United Methodist Women has resources for prevention, protection and prosecution which she would not have known without our #umwumbrellas campaign. So put away your umbrellas and...

Let's Box 'Em Up!
Stacking the boxes will symbolize United Methodist Women intercepting the traffickers who bind the vulnerable within boxes of imprisonment. Our boxes will also embody our commitment to be in communion with survivors of trafficking.

Join our virtual barricade of boxes:
Open boxes, closed boxes, and tied boxes! All kinds of boxes can be held, decorated, stacked, left open or sealed. Stack up your boxes with others or simply hold a box yourself, but let's box 'em up!

  • Get a box to:
    • Box up those who hurt and harm.
    • Box up the criminal traffickers.
    • Box up laws that criminalize the victims.
  • Decorate a box.
  • Keep your box open as a sign of invitation and hope for survivors.
  • Decorate an open box as a symbol of a doorway to new opportunities and to the openness of your heart to receive survivors with love and grace.
  • Stack the boxes to represent United Methodist Women acting in solidarity with others to intercept the traffickers and to block trafficking criminals from survivors, be they women, men, girls and boys seeking a future of promise.
  • Stack the boxes up to build a wall of boxes.
  • Organize a flash mob of box holders UMW-style.
  • Build a fence of boxes.
  • Join your boxes in a partnership event with organizations headed by women from different cultural or faith communities.
  • Join your boxes in an event with local football teams or your local business community.

Acting Together we can box 'em up and stack 'em up to intercept human trafficking.

Posted or updated: 11/6/2016 11:00:00 PM
Intercept Human Trafficking

Download Resources:

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Click Here. More about this year's Intercept Human Trafficking campaign

Click Here. Updated resources for prevention, protection and prosecution

Send your photos!

Use #UMWBoxEmUP  to share your photos and show how we help to intercept human trafficking by raising awareness that this crime affects families and communities everywhere.

  • Send your pictures to your conference communicators to share on conference websites and in newsletters.
  • Share on social media. Tag United Methodist Women on Facebook or Twitter (@UMWomen) and use #UMWBoxEmUP wherever you share.
  • E-mail photos; send them as attachments to the United Methodist Women Flickr page:
    lead02whose@photos. Please include the caption and credit information in the body of your email.

Human Trafficking Contact:

Susie Johnson, Executive for Public Policy: 202-488-5660 or