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Celebrating a New Mission Partner

United Methodist Women welcomes Partners in Ministry as a new national mission institution.

Celebrating a New Mission Partner
Melba McCallum

Deaconess Melba McCallum knows the power of caring Christians working together. Troubled by the issues of poverty in her community of Laurinburg, North Carolina, and the need to prepare young people for a bright future, McCallum was called to action. She began to build partnerships with local clergy, laypeople and community leaders. In 2007, Partners in Ministry was born in her living room and is now a thriving and growing ministry.

“Our purpose is to coordinate efforts that respond to the social problems of poverty, dependency and community deterioration through capacity building, empowerment and leadership development,” said McCallum, executive director of Partners in Ministry. “I came from working in community college administration, and I was shocked how many students couldn’t handle the courses. I knew we needed to start kids early on a clear path.”

In March 2019, Partners in Ministry became United Methodist Women’s newest national mission institution, the first in the North Carolina Conference. I recently got to visit and celebrate the new partner in mission.

“This is truly an opportunity to expand our ministry,” McCallum said. “As a national mission institution, we will be able to expand our resources and be part of a network of like-minded agencies to share best practices throughout the country. We are truly blessed.” Jessica Tulloch, United Methodist Women executive for national ministries, is excited to welcome a new national mission institution.

“It’s our hope and aim that national mission institutions will continue to be a shining light of inspiration and transformation for our members and the communities they serve,” she said. I love my opportunities to witness our mission dollars at work, and I love knowing that the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign will endow future core expenses so that even more mission dollars can fund vital work, like that of Partners in Ministry.

Day of Giving

This year, March 23 will once again be our Day of Giving in which members and supporters have an opportunity to give to the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign to secure a future of continued mission work.

“Over half a million dollars came in from our generous members for Day of Giving in 2019. We hope to surpass that amount this year as we get ever closer to meeting our campaign goal,” said Emily Marshall, director of development for United Methodist Women.

Whether you choose to make a monthly pledge, one-time gift or leave a planned gift as a member of the 1869 Society, your support of the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign will enable us all to continue to put our faith, hope and love in action.

Christi Campos is executive for development and donor relations for United Methodist Women.


There are many ways to contribute to the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign. You can send your one-time contribution or plan a monthly commitment, make a planned gift or speak with us if you have questions or need additional information.

United Methodist Women Development Office
475 Riverside Drive, 15th floor, New York, NY 10115
Give online:

Together, we are building our legacy!

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