Day of God

Day of God
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2 Peter 3:11-18

What kind of people ought we be during this season of Advent? Do we look forward to the “day of God”? This is still hard for us to grasp—the day of the Lord. Whatever it is, we know it’s good and, as did the early Christians, we want to make every effort to be at peace with ourselves as we seek to be at peace with Jesus.

In the busy days before Christmas in the beautiful mountain valley where we live, we look forward to celebrating Jesus’s birth. We sing Christmas carols, send and receive greeting cards, shop for presents, ring the bells by the kettles in the mall, and bake cookies for our neighbors.

Do we need to check our activities on the Seasonal Scale of Busyness to see if we’re being the kind of persons Peter describes in the scripture passage?

Oh, I hope I am! I want to be what God wants me to be! Is there something that will keep me from that goal at this time of year? Am I anticipating extravagant gifts from my family? Am I expecting too much time from my kids? Do I insist that celebrations be a certain way at a specified time and a location of my choosing? Materialism, selfishness, control.

Or can I let those things go this year? Can I enjoy the fellowship of friends and family without being demanding? Without having any expectations? Without being disappointed? While loving God and looking forward to God’s day?

With all that goes on around us, we must be on our guard to stay in our secure position of faith and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Prayer: God, help us see ways to live godly lives this advent season as we anticipate the day of God. Help us be at peace with ourselves as we seek to be at peace in Jesus. To Him be glory now and forever. Amen.

Glenna Brayton is a member of Program Advisory Group from the Rocky Mountain Conference United Methodist Women.

Posted or updated: 12/9/2016 11:00:00 PM

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Mission Focus

Senegal: Assisting women and teenage boys to reenter family and society and providing vocational help.

Testimony for December 4-10:

Thanks to the support of the faith community, each Christmas season, children in our centers receive a special gift chosen just for them. Joy and excitement fill the room as each child receives their gift. Every now and then, you notice a child who pauses – perhaps to reflect upon the blessedness of the holy season. -Dave Howery, InterServ-St. Joseph, Mo.

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