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Dreams Do Come True: The Story of Rosa

Girls Without Future Sewing Project

Dreams Do Come True: The Story of Rosa
Rosa Horacio Vicente

Rosa Horacio Vicente and her husband of 11 years had a successful baking business in Inchope village where they live. That is, before the road rehabilitation project for the Beira Corridor sponsored by the Chinese government was approved by the Mozambican government. Construction workers poured into Rosa’s village, and as the demand for bread increased, so did the competition.

Neither Rosa nor her husband had alternative sources of income, but had mouths to feed. They tried to remain competitive by improving the quality of their bread and increasing the size of each loaf, but even so, there were days when they would return home without selling a single loaf of bread.

Rosa began her search for alternative ways to feed her family and heard from their parish in Inchope about the opportunity to be a seamstress — a long-lost passion and dream of hers. Motivated by a desire to help make ends meet, she immediately enrolled at United Methodist Women’s sewing project at Gondola Vocational Center, about 90 miles from her home, in March 2019. Upon the completion of the course and graduation in November of the same year, she could not contain her joy when we offered her a sewing kit and machine. It seemed as if the doors and windows of heaven were opened and this family couldn’t find the words to express their deep gratitude for this gift from United Methodist Women.

Henriques, her husband who had kept the bread business going while Rosa participated in the sewing project, breathed a sigh of relief when she received the sewing machine and kit because he knew he had to buy her a sewing machine but had no idea how, because they could barely make ends meet.

When asked how she feels about being selected as a beneficiary of this kit she quickly responds with, “I feel blessed, humbled and surprised to become the recipient of such a blessing.” She did not expect to have a sewing machine in the near future. Her husband chimed in and said, “I am more than happy for this gift because I felt cornered, not having any solution of how to buy a sewing machine for my wife to proceed with her work!”

Making Ends Meet

According to both of them, because of the sewing machine they can make ends meet; sewing clothes for the family will save them some money, and taking orders from community members will provide them with money so they will be able to send their beautiful 6-year-old daughter to school, while the youngest is still a toddler.

Although there are other tailors in her area, at 30, Rosa is not worried because she is confident about the quality of her work. She continues to express her gratitude saying: “Firstly, I would like to thank the UMC for the sewing skills that will be of a great value for the rest of my life; secondly, I am indebted to the UMW National Office, New York, for the meaningful gift of the sewing machine, which will fuel my economic success and that of my family; thirdly, I thank God for the immeasurable blessings.” She ends by encouraging other women to enroll in the sewing courses in order to gain this useful skill that helps women come out of and reduce the economic dependency in which many of them find themselves.

Posted or updated: 6/4/2020 12:00:00 AM

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