Ensuring Justice and Equity in Electric Vehicles

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Ensuring Justice and Equity in Electric Vehicles

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The recent UN Climate Report notes the urgency of reducing planet warming emissions. Transportation emission from gas and diesel fueled cars, trucks and buses in the United States is not only the main source of greenhouse gas emissions, but also a major source of air pollution. Transitioning towards electric vehicles will not only address the climate crisis, but also reduce air pollution. United Methodist Women have been advocating to electrify the transportation system, but there are concerns around electric vehicle (EV) batteries, including environmental justice concerns from extracting minerals for batteries, short duration of a charge, and recyclability and proliferation of toxic waste.

There are also questions around equity with EVs being the new Whole Foods of transportation. With upfront cost, lack of charging stations for those who park on streets, EVs are currently unrealistic for anyone except the wealthy few. Are we creating unintended environmental consequences in the attempt to do good? How can the transition to zero emission vehicles address racial and economic inequities?

Join this webinar and hear from speakers to help us understand these concerns, learn about the latest technology of electric vehicles, and discover what types of just policies we should be advocating for Congress to pass.

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Francine Davis-MotleyFrancine Davis-Motley, Membership, Nurture, & Outreach Mission Coordinator UMW Peninsula-Delaware Conference
Francine Davis-Motley has been a United Methodist Women member since 2004 and has held numerous leadership roles such as unit secretary, Wilmington District Communications Coordinator, Mission U Assistant Dean, and now Conference MNO Mission Coordinator. She has recently spoken at a press conference advocating for federal funding of electric school buses.


Alexis BlomqvistAlexis Blomqvist, Program Associate EVHybridNoire
Alexis Blomqvist works across multiple areas including research and data analysis, report writing, and outreach and engagement strategy. She is the author of eight reports on behalf of EVHybridNoire that span topics such as charging infrastructure accessibility, next generation e-mobility in frontline communities, and community beliefs around electrification. Her work has been produced on behalf of partners such as Ford, Cruise, and the Metropolitan Energy Center (MEC). In addition, Alexis’s skills in data analysis and visualization have contributed to major projects for Electrify America.


Jennifer KrillJennifer Krill, Executive Director Earthworks
Jennifer Krill heads Earthworks, a US-based grassroots and policy group that works to empower communities and protect the environment from the impacts of extractive industries. Jennifer has worked for nearly two decades on local, national and international environmental campaigns for social justice and against environmental sacrifice zones. She is a board member and co-founder of Plug In America, an organization committed to electrifying transportation. She serves on the boards of Labor Network for Sustainability and Oil Change International and on the State of California’s Lithium-Ion Car Battery Recycling Advisory Group.


Larissa KoehlerLarissa Koehler, Senior Attorney for Energy Transition, Environmental Defense Fund
Larissa Koehler engages in multiple regulatory proceedings in California, New York and New Jersey, including those around electric vehicles and distributed energy resources, to break down barriers to accelerating clean energy in the state. She also works on policy analysis and legislative advocacy on transportation electrification in multiple states and at a federal level.


Elizabeth Chun Hye LeeModerator:
Elizabeth Chun Hye Lee, Executive for Economic and Environmental Justice and Climate Justice Lead, United Methodist Women


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Posted or updated: 10/15/2021 12:00:00 AM