Good Friday: What We Are Called to Do

Good Friday: What We Are Called to Do

John 18:1-19:42

When I read this scripture and I think about all the events that led up to Easter, Good Friday is the hardest. I feel it is the most human we see Jesus. He is treated like the least of us, unjustly accused, beaten and abused. He knew what was going to happen, he understood the purpose. Jesus still fed Judas, he still loved Peter. Good Friday is about sacrifice. Good Friday is about doing what is right, what we are called to do, instead of what is easy. 

Here we sit, in the middle of a world health crisis, separated from our friends and families, church and otherwise. Not knowing what is coming next but knowing the steps to take to ensure we get there. This is our sacrifice, for this time in our living history. Sacrifice the convenient for the health of others. Sacrifice the easy for creative, new ways to reach out to one another. The current term is social distancing, but it is physical distancing. It is not isolation; we have phones and computers and tools for communication. It is sacrificing what is easy for what is right. 

What makes Good Friday the best day is the living example Jesus set leading up to his death on the cross. He fed Judas anyway. He loved Peter despite his denials. He forgave even the sinner who simply believed. He died for us. Jesus, at his most human, shows us what we can endure for life everlasting. Good Friday shows us what Easter celebrates.

We know that Good Friday leads to Easter, to the resurrection, to new life. The disciples did not. On Good Friday, they believed they lost their teacher and friend. These are unprecedented times in our living history. There are many unknowns and misinformation being spread around the world. We go to bed each night, not knowing what tomorrow will bring, but that has always been true. It is through faith we wake each morning and start anew. We do not have to wait three days for Easter. Easter is every morning. We have Good Friday to celebrate Easter every day. 

Shannon Priddy is President of United Methodist Women.

Posted or updated: 4/9/2020 12:00:00 AM

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