Healing the Broken Lives of Trafficked Women and Girls

Healing the Broken Lives of Trafficked Women and Girls
Ubuntu Journey team members at the Batis Center.

2014 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Batis Center for Women in Quezon City, Philippines. Long a partner of United Methodist Women, Batis Center has invested United Methodist Women’s Pledge to Mission funds in God’s work with women migrant workers who are returning home to the Philippines, in distress from abusive and exploitative treatment. The center specifically addresses the issues of youth migration and trafficking of women and girls — including in times of natural disaster when families and communities are especially vulnerable.

An Ubuntu Journey to the Philippines in 2012 brought United Methodist Women members to the center for an opportunity to meet the staff and the migrant women. Ubuntu team member Janet Reep Morgan shares, “I remember feeling welcomed by women who had seen things that we will never imagine. I remember feeling hopeful that women who had endured so much had a place to regain inner strength that they may have lost. I remember seeing pride and happiness in the faces of the women who prepared our meals and joined us around the table where we ate whole tilapia, plantains and seasoned rice. To me, Batis Center outstretches hands of help and love.”

“The women of Batis Center opened their door and hearts to our group of United Methodist Women. They shared stories of being exported far away from home and terribly mistreated. When, gratefully, they were able to return to the Philippines, the Batis Center warmly and unconditionally welcomed them home. With help and love, they regained lost hope, returning to a sense of normalcy and a belief of self-worth,” says Jeanie Blankenbaker, Ubuntu Philippines team leader.

United Methodist Women sends congratulations and prayers of thanks to the Batis Center for Women for their service to Christ through the healing of the broken lives of trafficked women and girls. Take the time to re-read the story of the Batis Center For Women written last year by Paul Jeffrey, and celebrate the opportunity United Methodist Women members have to be in mission with the Batis Center For Women in the Philippines.

Posted or updated: 7/23/2014 11:00:00 PM
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