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Help Me to Walk

Fish Farming in Mozambique

Help Me to Walk
At the fish farm project

With a grant from United Methodist Women, a fish farm is being built in North Mozambique, in Cafumpe village in Manica Province. Alzira Sebastião, United Methodist Women Mozambique's executive secretary for the North Annual Conference, is there.

The Help Me to Walk project started in February 2020 after we received the funds in late January. In the first week of February we managed to get proper space with running water for the project. For the next two weeks we embarked on equipment acquisition and digging and construction of three tanks and fencing, still in progress.

There were two challenges at this initial stage. The first challenge was the rainy season that made it difficult to come up with the desired structures because rain was pouring at the time we were digging. But we are pleased to say that right now we finished two tanks and are finalizing the third one with the hope that by the end of this week we will have the small fish inside that tank to start the business. The two finished tanks are already populated by the small fish.

The second challenge was the technical part of the project. It was difficult to find the right person who understands very well this area of fish farming, and so we had problems doing the right thing at first, but we thank God that we managed to get the person who knows this area and we are now doing well.

In April we started building a guarita (cabin) for the security guards to stay, as it will be needed to avoid thieves’ interference at the location of the project. It is important to say that these activities are not going at a normal pace because of the COVID-19 restrictions. The target people for managing this project are women and young women. With construction and the management training process, it will take about 9 months to a year for the project to start producing results in terms of profits.

Rev. Alzira Isaac is the executive secretaty of the North Mozambique Annual Conference and Angelina Mbulo is a journalist from Mozambique.

Posted or updated: 6/10/2020 12:00:00 AM

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