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Honorine Mujing Mwaad: A Leader in Action

From sewing workshops, to story writing, to soap-making, Honorine Mujing Mwaad’s leadership skills are helping to make a positive change in her community.

Honorine Mujing Mwaad: A Leader in Action
Honorine Mujing Mwaad

Honorine Mujing Mwaad is the Women’s Work Coordinator of North Katanga Annual Conference. I first met her in 2013 when I visited Kamina in North Katanga. After being commissioned as a missionary in 2012 I visited each of the countries I was assigned to do an assessment. Equipped with information, I arranged for a one-week training program in Zimbabwe where all women’s work coordinators participated. The French- and Swahili-speaking, including Honorine, shared their information through an interpreter. Honorine has always been eager to perform to the best of her ability. I remember during that training in 2013 she kept on asking for clarification when I gave an assignment to go and practice what they had shared.

During my second visit, Honorine shared with me on the projects they were involved in as women in Kamina. These included a sewing project for women at the church’s head office. I was shown various garments they made ranging from the pastor’s clerical shirts to African attire for men and women. They also trained girls from surrounding areas in sewing as community service. Honorine and her team has found it necessary to spread the sewing project to other districts of The United Methodist Church. The women are also involved in a piggery project.

Writing Stories

Honorine assisted in organizing a group of United Methodist Women in Kamina to participate in writing stories about how they participated in spreading Christianity in their communities. The Rev. Betty Kazadi assisted the women by translating the stories from Swahili to English. In Cape Town at the Grail Centre I observed the Honorine's eagerness to do the best she can during the limited sessions we were together. It was at the Grail Centre where I shared with her about the Southern and East Area Seminar of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women, which took place in Nairobi Kenya. Honorine and the other ladies showed interest to attend even though initially I had shared that the program was going to pay for only half the costs for them.

I continued to see her enthusiasm when we could meet sometimes up to midnight ensuring that we had all the details covered for our synchronized work plan for 2020. When we met in January of 2020 Honorine’s leadership skills continued to amaze me. She had already been to Lubumbashi to purchase all the necessary soap-making chemicals. She arranged for their transportation by road to Kamina, which is 600 kilometers away. Two days later, we had a team meeting to plan for the refresher course and to share with a group of women and young women on the United Methodist Women soap-making project grant. Participants and trainers were identified, and the first training was done in February. The women shared that they are giving some of the soap to widows and orphans, using some in their homes and selling some! Thanks United Methodist Women.

Though Honorine is challenged in the English language she is making a great effort to communicate. Through the Regional Missionary, United Methodist Women sponsored her training in English speaking. She is making strides to learn more and more.

Grace Musuka is a United Methodist Women’s Regional Missionary serving the work and leadership of United Methodist Women organizations in Central Africa.

Posted or updated: 5/8/2020 12:00:00 AM

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