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UPDATED: United Methodist Women Legacy Fund Campaign Goal is $60 Million

UPDATED: United Methodist Women Legacy Fund Campaign Goal is $60 Million

United Methodist Women announced the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign goal of $60 million in June, 2017. The Legacy Fund will undergird the capacity of future generations of United Methodist Women members to carry forward our mission of service and advocacy with women, children and youth in the United States and around the world for the next 150 years

Achieving this ambitious and forward-looking goal will culminate United Methodist Women’s five-year 150th anniversary celebration. We are already off to a great start, having secured $20.3 million for the fund — over one-third of the campaign’s $60 million goal!

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Our Goal:

“The Legacy Fund will provide a firm foundation that both builds on the generosity and commitment of women before us and enables future generations of women to engage in mission that makes a difference in the world by improving life for women, children and youth,” said Shannon Priddy, president of United Methodist Women’s board of directors.

United Methodist Women General Secretary Harriett Jane Olson applauded the organization’s elected leaders for setting a goal that “inspires” and rallies the participation of every member.

“In setting this goal, the elected leaders of United Methodist Women have, again, demonstrated the character of our movement,” Ms. Olson said. “They have focused on what will be needed, committed themselves to the work of raising it and to ensuring that every member of our organization has a chance to participate. This energizes and inspires us all. Together we will continue to find ways to make more mission possible.”

The Legacy Fund is a permanent endowment with generated income that will enable United Methodist Women to distribute grants and scholarships, coordinate work with mission personnel and make needed upgrades to technological and communication systems and more. The Legacy Fund will ensure a regular source of support for these core expenses of being in mission. It will enable United Methodist Women to enhance programming and launch new initiatives to address emerging needs of women, children and youth.

At this special commemorative moment in United Methodist Women history, we are laying the groundwork for our next 150 years in mission through the Legacy Fund. We look forward to working with you to achieve the goal of the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign.

About United Methodist Women:
United Methodist Women is the women’s mission organization within The United Methodist Church in the United States, focusing on the needs of women, children and youth since 1869. Its programs promote spiritual growth, leadership development, transformative education and service and advocacy. For more information, contact: Yvette Moore, Director of Communications at
(212) 870-3822 or ymoore@unitedmethodistwomen.org

Posted or updated: 4/13/2018 12:00:00 AM