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Living Wage for All Campaign: Farm Worker Postcard Action

Collect signatures throughout September and October!

Living Wage for All Campaign: Farm Worker Postcard Action

United Methodist Women joins with the National Farm Worker Ministry and women leaders of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to call on Wendy’s, the last of the five major fast food companies, to sign the Fair Food Agreement. 

Fair Food Agreements improve wages and working conditions of farm workers and guarantee the right of independent monitoring of compliance with these agreements. 

Invite your United Methodist Women friends and members to sign postcards to petition Wendy’s to sign the Fair Food Agreement. Proclaim “Time’s Up” on low wages, poor working conditions and sexual violence in the fields! 

Gather signed postcards at at annual meetings, district meetings, local meetings or anywhere people are organizing for justice throughout September and October. The United Methodist Women National Office will ask for a meeting with Wendy’s management to personally deliver the cards and raise our concerns with them. 

How to Take Action: 

1. Obtain Postcards for signatures: 

2. Share educational materials, which can be downloaded by clicking the links below. 

3. Create an Action Table to disseminate information about United Methodist Women’s Living Wage for All Campaign. For instructions, click here for Setting Up a Living Wage for All Action Table

4. Show a video to bring the issue to light:

“One of the great human rights success stories of our day”—The Fair Food Program (3.39 min.)

• CBS Sunday Morning: “Fair Food Program” (8.04 min.)

5. Invite participants to sign the postcard and provide their contact information on the Economic Inequality Interest Sign-up Sheet if they are interested in learning more about United Methodist Women’s economic justice work.   

6. Count all signed postcards and fill out the What We Did reporting form.

7. By November 1, 2018: Send signed postcards, the completed What We Did form and Economic Inequality Interest Sign-up Sheet back to the United Methodist Women National Office: 

United Methodist Women National Office
Living Wage for All Postcard Campaign/Carol Barton
475 Riverside Drive, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10115

8. Take pictures and post to social media such as the United Methodist Women Economic Inequality Facebook community at

Here is a sample post: We (your Conference name, district, unit or Mission u) just signed (number) of postcards calling on Wendy’s to sign a Fair Food Agreement with Florida farm workers!
Be sure to include pictures. 

Posted or updated: 8/22/2018 12:00:00 AM
CIW Postcard
Click Here.Download and Print Postcard

Educational Materials


 How to Set Up an Action Table

 Economic Inequality Sign-up Sheet

 What We Did Form

Click Here. Join the Economic Inequality Facebook community

Video Resources

 “One of the great human rights success stories of our day”: The Fair Food Program  (3:39 min.)
A short video from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers explaining The Fair Food Program and what it does to raise wages, provide better working conditions and protect rights of farmworkers.

 PBS Frontline: A Voice for Workers (Closed Captioned) (5:19 min.)

 CBS Sunday Morning: Fair Food Program (8:04 min.)
Discusses the emerging consciousness and growing demand for “fair food.”

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