Love Protecting us From Fear

Second Sunday in Lent

Love Protecting us From Fear

Mark 8:31-38

Love began to instruct the crowd with its definition. Love transforms those who are interested. Love is the child of humanity, humility and divinity. Followers of Love will be guaranteed to face challenges that will take the breath of Love and its followers. A challenging kin-ship can emerge because of Love’s effects on the status quo: Comforters will be harmers; advisors now adversaries; even chiefs of spiritual matters and record keepers will act as a family of executioners. Life shifts because of Love. This method of change is the birth of Love resurrected, an upswing of the highest magnitude that fills our minds, hearts, words and customs. Like wind and water — Love touches us with crush or comfort.

This mind-blowing plan startled Love’s buddy, Fear. Emerging and talking loudly, exclaiming, “Love, you can’t do that!” And Love had to scold Fear. Love took center stage and taught Fear a lesson in front of its cousins, apprehension and ignorance. “Watch me and learn!” Self-sacrifice will help us all and won’t dissuade us from God’s plan.

Love invites interested people in developing divine, sound relationship-building. Love’s itinerary always has teachable moments.

Love said, “Hang out with me?” Love told this to all: “If you want to partner with me – give up your ideas of greatness and exchange it for my vision board of greatness. It requires that you must let go of your ideas and let me give you a new set of plans.” Love offers a good trade.

Love’s plan redeems, bringing good news to all: even our enemies benefit! Love’s call equips us. What is to be gained from self-congratulatory awards that feel hollow or from cushy beds with no rest, if there is no gain in divine dividends. The treasure of winning is when we let Love lead. One day our last breath here will be our first breath in full divinity. In the interim, our will can be bold when sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and this gospel of hope with all whom we encounter.  #JesusIsLove

Alicia Pitterson is a member of United Methodist Women’s national office staff, section on Membership and Leadership Development.

Posted or updated: 2/23/2018 12:00:00 AM
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