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Meeting New Ubuntu Sisters in Mozambique

Ubuntu Journey to Mozambique, July 2017

Meeting New Ubuntu Sisters in Mozambique

Ubuntu: “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

The word Ubuntu addresses the essence of being human — that human beings can't exist in isolation. When you have the quality of Ubuntu, or of interconnectedness, you are known for your generosity. We think of ourselves far too frequently as individuals, separated from one another, whereas we are actually connected, with our actions affecting the whole world. When we do good, it spreads to all of humanity.

I was privileged to lead the Ubuntu Journey in July 2017 to Maputo, Mozambique, for United Methodist Women. Our North American group consisted of seven women from all over the U.S. and one woman from Cameroon. African United Methodist Women members from North and South Mozambique joined us as we learned about leadership, studied stories from scripture and conducted exercises that brought us together.

Our journey included two days of workshops as well as one day of travel to Tinga-Tinga to visit a United Methodist program for children. The program, the Tinga-Tinga Women and Youth Vocational Training School, run by The United Methodist Church of Mozambique, supports street children and orphans and promotes education to prevent early marriage. While there, we shared a meal and were  entertained with lively singing and dancing. On the next day, the team was divided, and we visited three separate churches in Maputo, sharing in the services. We even had a day to do some shopping and sightseeing!

Meeting new Christian sisters, sharing cultural experiences and tasting delicious food were among the highlights of our trip. We are very thankful to our hosts Rev. Victoria Cheifche and Alzira Isaac as well as to the Bishop’s assistant Joao Sambo and his wife Delia who were our interpreters and driver for a day. We got to meet Bishop Joaquina Nhanala at the airport in Johannesburg. She had just flown in from Mozambique for a meeting, but after returning to Maputo she became sick, and our brief airport meeting was our only time with her. We pray she is feeling better.

Our Ubuntu Journey to Mozambique was a wonderful experience, and this African country has captured my heart.

If you are interested in going on an Ubuntu trip you can find all the information on the United Methodist Women website. The trips for 2018 are now being planned.

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Two wonderful cooks: Luisa Laita and Graca Titos Nhacale
Our Ubuntu sisters
Give Thanks. Give Now.

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