Mission Giving Makes Mission Happen

Mission Giving Makes Mission Happen
Ngoy Banza Joel and Ngoy Wa Ngoy Euphrasi work at a youth training program funded by United Methodist Women in Democratic Republic of Congo

United Methodist Women Mission Giving and special offerings make mission happen! Mission Giving is United Methodist Women members’ second- and third-mile gifts beyond their tithes and offerings in their local churches. The maps in this issue show projects supported by United Methodist Women from 2016 to 2018. During that period, more than $10 million annually was allocated for U.S. and international mission.

The mission maps featured in this issue are a glimpse of how Mission Giving dollars are at work around the world supporting programs that improve life and help empower women, children and youth.

In the United States, Mission Giving provides vital support for United Methodist Women-related national mission institutions and other U.S. ministries as well as spiritual growth programs, membership nurture and opportunities for leadership development, mission education and service and advocacy.

Internationally, United Methodist Women supports some 150 programs, carried out by up to 116 organizations in more than 110 countries annually. Mission Giving also provides scholarships to more than 73 students enrolled in institutions of higher education in 18 countries.

United Methodist Women also supports eight regional missionaries. Their work reaches 49 countries and the Caribbean and focuses on gender justice, economic empowerment, restorative justice work with women in jail, and leadership development for women and youth. Regional missionaries partner with Methodist and United Methodist women groups on organizational development, mission education, spiritual growth opportunities and education. Their direct work with other women’s societies, ecumenical organizations and grassroots groups enables these partners to identify for United Methodist Women what programs are needed in their countries.

Grants disclosures, income reports, treasurer’s reports, financial statements and annual reports can all be found at Your gracious giving changes lives for women, children, youth and families down the street and around the world.

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Posted or updated: 2/9/2018 12:00:00 AM
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