On the Map: United Methodist Women

Questions about ministries by state and by country

On the Map: United Methodist Women

The website of United Methodist Women informs members and friends about the work that we do. It also provides resources to support members in mission.

We have recently come up with a new way to learn more about United Methodist Women. It is an interactive map of the world, with pins indicating local stories, resources and places where we work in mission. So now, when a member asks, “Do we have any mission projects in West Virginia?,” she can look at West Virginia on the map and see what is happening there.

Take a look at the orange bar at the top of all of our web pages and notice the options. One says “Maps.” If you click on that you get to another page and, you guessed it, there’s a map. Above the map are dropdown menus for clicking on the country or the state that interests you. You can also click on the pins to display little pop-up windows; the listed articles related to the state or country are clickable links. To navigate around an interactive map, click on any part of the map (except on a pin) to move right/east or left/west, and use the + and – icons on the lower right to zoom in or out.

You’ll also notice a green button on the upper right hand side of the page. Click on this “Mission Maps” button to access more interactive and printable maps. You’ll find links to clickable maps of National Mission Institutions, International Ministries and Conference Mission u events. This page is also where you’ll find printable mission maps of Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe/Middle East, Europe, Mexico/Central America, South America and the United States.

And during the 2016 election season, you can see what concerns voters in your state the most in our “Election 2016” links.

Thanks to our members’ support and hard work, United Methodist Women is not only on the map, but also all over the map – in faith, hope and love in action.

Posted or updated: 4/19/2016 11:00:00 PM

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Some states on this interactive map display pop-up windows with “Election 2016” links; in these cases, at least one person has participated in a new interactive feature leading up to November elections. Visit www.unitedmethodistwomen.org/vote to see what concerns other voters in your state.

•    If you have the same concern, click on Good Question. United Methodist Women will track which issues are most important to our members on regional and national levels.  
•    If you have a different question, or don’t see your state listed, express your own concern on the right hand side and choose your state to submit.

Please note that these questions will not be answered. This interactive forum is intended to educate each other about issues. Voters need to ask these questions. Voters must determine which candidates best represent their values. Voters must hold candidates and elected officials accountable in order to transform the world for women, children and youth.

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