One Who Came From Heaven

Fourth Sunday in Lent

One Who Came From Heaven

John 3:14-21

At the time she appeared in the flesh to the people, they had turned their back on good and were living in darkness and fear. The land was dry and lifeless, and the believers cried out.

The heat of that day had been persistent, 
She arrived at night as a cool strong wind and soft rain that came
From the North, swept South, East and then West, bringing relief to the land
And hope to believers in miracles and the divine.

She was a teacher and through her words a light began to shine, like dawn gradually lights the sky each 
morning, lifting the dark from corners, reaching the evil that had grown 
into the hearts of the people.  

She spoke with love to any who would hear her and chose to live in the light.
Those who could not hear her and loved the dark, feared her and knew the light would shine on their evil hearts.

She had come show those who chose to leave the shadows and those who were afraid in the darkness the way into the light.  Believing in her, soon the people’s hearts and spirits were free and even the wicked who loved the darkness were born anew with cleansed hearts and minds as they moved from dark to light to love.

She moved among the people until all the shade was in light, and then seeing that the people’s actions and hearts were for God, she returned to where she came from, becoming spirit again.  She promised to return at that time when the darkness began to creep back into the world and the people began to lose faith and love.

Brenda Thompson is the Reading Program Specialist for United Methodist Women.

Posted or updated: 3/8/2018 12:00:00 AM
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