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Passing the Baton

Contributing to the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign is a lasting way to leave a legacy.

Passing the Baton
Edith Triplett (l.) and her daughter Elizabeth “Pooh” Mack give to the Legacy Fund to support future mission with women, children and youth.

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and the sin that clings so closely, and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us."  —Hebrews 12:1

As busy United Methodist Women members working diligently toward justice for women, children and youth, we can often feel that we are running a race of sorts. Our lives become a daily balance of trying to fit all we are called to do into a few precious daytime hours. We go from task to task and meeting to meeting. We may even feel like we’re in a relay race—and that it would be a relief to pass the baton on to another runner from time to time.

“Passing the baton” is an analogy Sally Vonner, transformation officer for United Methodist Women, recently used to describe the long-range intent of United Methodist Women’s Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign.

“Donating to the Legacy Fund is a way to pass the baton to the generations of United Methodist Women who will come after us,” she said, “equipping them to continue the important work that began 150 years ago.”

Have you ever watched or participated in a relay race? As one person runs the course, the next runner gets set, timing the teammate’s arrival and even beginning to run as the teammate passes the baton. This process is repeated until each team member has run the race. Any track coach will tell you that the relay is won or lost in the transfer of the baton.

That's how it works for us as well. As members of United Methodist Women, each time we make a meaningful gift to the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign we are passing the baton of faith, hope and love in action to those who will continue our work with women, children and youth. Each time we make a planned gift by designating United Methodist Women as a beneficiary in our will, life insurance policy, retirement fund or trust we are empowering the teammates in mission who come after us.

Continuing our legacy 

Our foremothers set a solid foundation for us 150 years ago. We look to them for inspiration as we continue their work. Future members will look to us for the same. Will we be an inspiration? Will we have adequately equipped them to do the work? Will we have left them a financially strong organization that can provide ministry, justice and service to the marginalized, able to meet the needs of their time?

This is our 150th celebration year. The time is now. What New Year’s resolutions can you make that will equip future United Methodist Women? Consider making a resolution to give $18.69 each month this year to the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign. If each of us did so, think what impact could be made in reaching the campaign’s $60 million goal!

If you have not prepared a will, make a resolution to do so this year. If you have already done so, make a resolution to update your will or the beneficiaries of your life insurance or retirement account. Consider connecting your personal legacy by making a planned gift to the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign.

Keep it going 

United Methodist Women members Edith Triplett and her daughter Elizabeth “Pooh” Mack serve together in the Missouri Conference United Methodist Women.

“We give to the Legacy Fund Endowment Campaign because we want to share with future generations the importance of being in service,” said Triplett.

“We should all be focused on sustaining the important work of United Methodist Women for the future,” Mack adds. “We change the world for the better, so why wouldn’t everyone want to keep that going!”

Our “race” to ensure thriving lives for women, children and youth has only just begun. We must stay committed to our work and continue to cheer for one another. We must be ready to hand off the baton, knowing we’ve mentored, supported and prepared the women who come after us. Mission Giving logo.

Christi Campos is executive for development and donor relations for United Methodist Women.

Posted or updated: 1/4/2019 12:00:00 AM

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