Pausing the Annual Sampler

Pausing the Annual Sampler

United Methodist Women is undergoing some exciting new changes. Some of these changes have to do with how members and friends will be able to access our many resources.

As we switch to a new vendor, we will not be able to offer our Annual Sampler at this time. But as always, the Prayer Guide (formerly the Prayer Calendar), our Program Resource (formerly the Program Book), the Mission u Curricula and much more are available on our e-store.

Digital Resources

One exciting part of our transition is that many of our resources will also be available digitally, so that you can access them on your computer, tablet or phone. Even better, when receiving our resources digitally, you will automatically be part of a community of United Methodist Women members who are engaged with the same content.

You can already subscribe to the digital version of our 2022 Program Resource at UMW Digital Resources. Once you’ve signed up for a membership plan, you will not only have access to resources, but can connect with others, join virtual events and take part in lively online discussions. We plan to offer more innovative subscription plans and resources this fall.

We thank our dedicated members and friends for taking this journey with us as our community continues to grow and find new ways to put faith, hope and love in action.

Posted or updated: 1/14/2022 12:00:00 AM