Climate Justice

Pray for COP26

Pray for COP26
Nechi Fullerton

Global leaders are currently gathered in Glasgow for the global climate summit COP26. We invite you to pray for those at COP26 with this prayer written by Nechi Fullerton. A United Methodist Women member from Little Rock, Arkansas, Nechi Fullerton is a layperson serving internationally at home in the U.S. Nechi’s daughter, Kirby, was a young adult UK delegate at COP21 in 2015.

Gracious Creator, God of Love ... Of life and light ...
We know that we are not alone and that there is hope.
Our hearts are open in grateful praise for this Earth that is not ours to exploit,
But yours, entrusted to our care.
Open our eyes to see you in all of your creation.
God, we are grateful for all those who bring awareness of harmful effects of our energy systems and work to bring about a change in our attitudes. 
Forgive us when we fail to listen, when we hear but don’t accept the challenge.
We confess that we too often make good things bad by using more than we need.
We acknowledge that our present behaviors are destructive.
Enlighten us to appreciate the balance of your glorious creation.
Continue to inspire us to conserve and care for this Earth we share.
Grant us wisdom to be faithful stewards and courage to work for change.
Give us the faith and resolve to act differently and be content with less.
Blessings upon all the prophetic voices raising the moral issue of climate justice.
Bless our United Methodist Women and faith leaders for inspiring us to revere and care for creation.
Today we are grateful for the frontline communities and organizers at COP who are illuminating these issues.
We offer blessings and prayers for our world leaders making life-giving decisions.
For them, I pray courage to take swift action.
We pray for courageous actions to replace carbon emissions with clean and renewable energy.
We pray that we may bring an end to our dependence on fossil fuel and transition to a green economy and more just energy systems.
We pray that love and wisdom might inspire our choices and actions.
We offer special prayers for victims of climate injustice,
For the negative impact especially on women, children and the most vulnerable.
We pray for lifestyles that preserve creation for present and future generations.
May we bring all honor and glory to you in everything we do.
In Jesus’ name we believe and pray
Amen and amen.

Posted or updated: 11/12/2021 12:00:00 AM