General Conference 2016

Rally for Clean Water for All

Join the rally held on United Methodist Women Day during General Conference

Rally for Clean Water for All

United Methodist Women is asking its friends and members in the Portland area to join a rally on May 16 to demand safe water and sanitation for all.

Access to safe water is a basic human right. But here and in communities around the world this basic right is often denied. Deregulation and the growth of extractive industries like mining has increasingly led to contamination of our rivers and water supplies. And indigenous and black communities are especially hard hit.

Don’t Poison Our Water: Water is a Human Right!

From indigenous struggles against corporate pollution in Liberia, Honduras and the Philippines to demands in Portland to clean up the Willamette River Superfund site to the ongoing crisis in Flint, Mich., the focus is on corporate and government accountability to all people.

We call on our governments to fulfill the human right to water and to stop environmental racism in communities of color around the globe.

This rally is being held during the United Methodist Church General Conference, on United Methodist Women Day. This day celebrates the upcoming 150th anniversary of United Methodist Women.

Join the Rally

The rally takes place on Monday, May 16, from 12:45 to 1:45 p.m.  at United Methodist General Conference, Oregon Convention Center Plaza (outside the Oregon Ballroom).

Speakers include Bishops Deborah Kiesey, Elias Galvan, Julius Trimble as well as United Methodist Women representatives Harriett Jane Olson, Rose Farhat of Liberia, the Portland Harbor Community Coalition, and Norma Capuyan, of BAI Mindanao Indigenous Women’s Network Mindanao (Strength of the Indigenous Peoples in Mindanao). There will be a musical performance by Eugene, Oregon’s, Raging Grannies.

Topics to be addressed include the Firestone Rubber pollution of water in Liberia, the loss of water access and displacement of Lumad communities in Mindano, Philippines, due to agribusiness and logging, the Honduran Lenca’s loss of water access due to construction of a hydro-electric dam, the Willamette River Superfund cleanup in Portland, and the lead water crisis in Flint.

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Posted or updated: 5/12/2016 11:00:00 PM