2017-Remembering God’s Sacrifice

First Sunday in Lent

2017-Remembering God’s Sacrifice

Psalm 32

During an exercise at a spiritual retreat, we rewrote a psalm of David in our own words, expressing our thoughts and feelings. Some of us cried out to the Lord; some sang praises; some told their faith story.

Using Psalm 32, I cry out and I rejoice in God’s love through God's sacrifice of God's own Son. Below is a personal revision of David's praise unto God.

Dear God, I know that I am blessed as my sins are forgiven. O Lord, I want my spirit to be pure! Before I knew You, I moaned and groaned and made myself and others around me miserable. But You were with me, Lord, sometimes even when I didn’t want You to be! I was tired, so tired, but that was the way of it.

Then I confessed my sins to You. Gave it all up! Kept nothing back — and knew in my head that You love me and want me to be happy. And that was the way of that!

Now I pray that all who love You — wherever You are in whatever form by whatever name — may be saved as Adam and Eve were saved in the Garden.

O Lord, You are my hiding place, my safe place, my love place. You have promised to protect me from myself and will fill my heart and my head and my feet and my hands with the music of freedom.

I open my heart and my mind to be taught by You and will study Your Word and will be in ministry for You and with those You set before me. Those places may be jails and prisons or Indian reservations or inner cities or other continents or across the street. I will pray to want to go willingly and boldly and not stubbornly like I was yesterday and before.

God, I trust You now with my heart and rejoice in Your promises and I will sing first with my voice and then with my hands after my voice is gone — and I will join Your other children and am glad in this Lenten season as we remember Your sacrifice.

Glenna Brayton is a member of United Methodist Women’s Program Advisory Board, representing the Rocky Mountain Conference.

Posted or updated: 3/2/2017 12:00:00 AM
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