Scholarship Student at Africa University Studies to Help Others

Scholarship Student at Africa University Studies to Help Others
Michelle Bingepinge

My name is Michelle Bingepinge. I’m the first-born child in a family of three children. My parents are teachers, but their salary is not enough to support me and my siblings’ education. I went to Hartzell High School, and graduated in 2008 with ten passes in the ten subjects I sat for. I wanted to go to Africa University, since it was located opposite our school and I had visited it for the university’s Open Day. My parents and family members liked the idea, but were worried about coming up with the required fees. I stayed home, waiting for my parents to raise money for me to go to university. I had faith that I was going to study at Africa University, so in 2010 I went ahead and applied, even though my parents could not raise the necessary school fees. I received a letter of acceptance, asking me to deposit fees in the school bank account before the first semester began in August. While some of my family members contributed, it wasn’t enough. So I filed a deferment letter and was deferred to the next academic year.
In 2011, my parents took loans from different banks to pay for my student fees. The banks started deducting the loan money and interest from my parents’ salary, so that conditions at home started to grow bad. I then began studying at Africa University. Once I was enrolled, I inquired at the university financial aid office for financial assistance and heard about the international United Methodist Women scholarship. I submitted my forms, and was very happy to continue my studies through the help of the mighty women of God who granted me a scholarship. If it weren’t for the help of United Methodist Women, I would have had to discontinue my studies.

I reached out to United Methodist Women because I heard positive testimonials from the university financial aid office and from students who were already beneficiaries. My hope was that United Methodist Women would provide me assistance since the organization supports young people,  the underprivileged, women, and students who require assistance. I am so grateful to God that I got the assistance I needed to continue my studies. I am now in my third year of university.

My chosen field is business studies, with a major in management. I am studying business because I have so many business ideas that I would like to pursue. I want to create employment by venturing into a variety of businesses. I want to contribute to the betterment of my family, my community and my society. I have been provided generous assistance, and as a successful business women I will be able to turn the tables so that I’m able to assist others.

The scholarship has been a huge contribution to my life. Through this scholarship I’m able to learn freely without having to worry about tuition and fees. I am pursuing an education so that one day I’ll be able to run a company with the knowledge acquired from school. My goal is I become CEO of a holding company whose profits benefit the underprivileged of society. Thank you so much United Methodist Women for your great support. May God richly bless your ministry and your families.

Posted or updated: 5/11/2014 11:00:00 PM
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