Second Sunday in Lent: Time to Surrender to God

Second Sunday in Lent: Time to Surrender to God

Genesis 12:1-4 and John 3:1-17

Growing up in a village, with no streetlights, my mother would send me to ask for salt from a neighbor. After remembering we didn’t have salt. In total darkness. With my brother not seeing the need to accompany me.

I would carry the koroboi, an open lantern, covering it with my arms against the wind. But the winds being strong, it would always blow out. I would feel like the trees were people following me. It was scary, walking in darkness. I would think, how did I get here? How could mama send me now? How do I make my steps? How will that food taste if I don’t get her the salt? What if I just turn and go back? I would wonder how and how and how until I was back to my mum with salt in my hands and her lamp that is out.

When I remember this, I think of Abraham in Genesis 12:1-4. How could Abraham trust and just leave his own country? And Nicodemus in John 3:1-17—a leader and teacher of Jewish law. How could Nicodemus not understand Jesus’s teachings? That point of “darkness in our lives.”

More Questions Than Answers

We have all been there. Maybe as a result of confusion from a call from God. Or a predicament in our faith. An inner conflict. Or the socioeconomic circumstances in our lives. We have more questions than answers. We feel so unprepared and overwhelmed, without confidence; alone, disrupted and destabilized.  We become so afraid. So powerless. And see no anchor, nothing to hold on to. We get tempted to figure out solutions. But nothing adds up. We are unable to see the way forward. This is a time of vulnerability, questions and wrestling with life.

However, at times like this, God invites us to remember this difficult moment. When there is an absence, during an ending or some kind of loss or death, in confusion, in not knowing, in being lost, in feeling like a stranger, in disability that disorients, in discomfort. When we are seeking understanding, explanations and the way forward, we must remember that we need to surrender to God.

Because when there is darkness, there is the promise of God pending! “...I will show you,” “I will make of you...,” “I will bless you...,” “You will be...”. These are God’s assurances to Abraham. And because God answers our wondering questions, “For God so loved the world…” means eternal love for me and you.

May God grant us calmness, and strengthen our faith, when in a dark point of our lives. May God help us remember that God’s perfect love and mercy gives us assurance and justification.

Leah Wandera is the acting CEO of Hope Foundation for African Women and the Founder and BoD secretary for Mama’s Smile Health Foundation. Wandera is currently a first year graduate student at Drew University, New Jersey, pursuing a master’s degree in Divinity – Social Justice Advocacy. She is also a Deaconess candidate with United Methodist Women. Wandera was born and raised in Busia county, in the western region of Kenya.

Posted or updated: 3/6/2020 12:00:00 AM

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