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Following the Call – The Southeast Jurisdiction Gives to the Legacy Fund

Members raise $9,000 in 48 hours for the Legacy Fund.

Following the Call – The Southeast Jurisdiction Gives to the Legacy Fund
Yvette Richards (left) hands over the gift from the Southeast Jurisdiction to Harriett Olson.

For United Methodist Women, 1869 is more than just a number. It is the year that United Methodist Women’s precursor organization was founded, and last weekend it became a fitting number for donating to the Legacy Fund.

As United Methodist Women asks members and friends to support the work we do for women and children, it is important that we as an organization do the same. So when the opportunity arose to pay it forward at last weekend’s Southeast Jurisdiction quadrennial meeting, United Methodist Women President Yvette Richards was one of the first to donate.

The Southeast Jurisdiction is the largest jurisdiction of United Methodist Women, and it was meeting to elect new leadership teams as well as new United Methodist Women directors. During a Friday afternoon workshop, an attendee suggested that every member donate $18.69 to the Legacy Fund. Two days later, $9,000 was raised!

When asked what led to this outpouring of generosity, Richards said that members are “inspired by United Methodist Women’s commitment to children and youth. They gave to the Legacy Fund knowing it will carry that work into the future. They want to help create more than the 150 mission institutions we already have, and want to take our four priorities to the next level. They understand the seriousness of the work that we do.”

This work never ends, and Richards is looking forward to repeating the call for donating $18.69 to the Legacy Fund at other upcoming jurisdictional meetings.

Raising $9,000 in less than 48 hours—now that’s making it happen! If you would like to donate to the Legacy Fund, visit our donation page.

Posted or updated: 6/10/2016 11:00:00 PM

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Legacy Fund

Gifts to the Legacy Fund endowment will lay a financial foundation for future generations of United Methodist Women. 

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