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Stories from the Philippines

The United Methodist Women-supported Kapatiran Kaunlaran Foundation provides life-changing education and training to children and families.

Stories from the Philippines

Avatar is a 6-year-old boy who lives next to a dumpsite in Bulacan in the Philippines. Thanks to the Kapatiran Kaunlaran Foundation (KKFI), he now has a safe place for learning and sings and makes art with other children every day.

Annie is one of 10 children, whose parents scavenge the dumpsite of Pulilan. After participating in one of KKFI’s programs, she now dreams of becoming a writer.

These are just some of the stories that the Kapatiran Kaunlaran Foundation would like to share with you on its blog. Here you can read about the children who, thanks to KKFI, are getting an education or the job skills to break out of the cycle of poverty. You can also gain insight into the various work being done by teachers and others working with the foundation.

The Kapatiran Kaunlaran Foundation, which is supported by United Methodist Women and was created through the work done by the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society, is a Philippine organization that believes education can transform lives. The Foundation runs programs for various age groups. They include pre-school education, scholarships for grade- and high school students, a discipleship program for college students, learning and training for young people who are out of school, a program for the elderly and more.

United Methodist Women’s International and Call to Prayer grants are regularly awarded to KKFI, and United Methodist Women directly supports Annie and Avatar’s program, called Kalinga Mo, Kinabukasan Ko (Your Care, My Future). This program supports economically insecure children and their families by providing education, livelihood training for the parents, and capacity building among members of the local council for the protection of children.

We invite you to read the stories of Annie, Avatar and the Kapatiran Kaunlaran Foundation, and see how your Mission Giving is changing lives.

Posted or updated: 6/22/2016 12:00:00 AM
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